Colombia national team: the strong criticism they made to Reinaldo Rueda

The Colombia selection It is prepared with a view to the commitment against the Paraguay National Team which will take place next Tuesday in Barranquilla, and while the coach Reinaldo Rueda chooses his best pieces, comments have fallen against him.

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In this opportunity, who dared to offer statements about the Valle del Cauca coach was Jorge ‘el Mago’ Valdivia, Chilean soccer player who was under the command of the Colombian when he directed the southern national team.

In dialogue with ESPN, the offensive midfielder made it clear From his perspective, how was the time when Rueda was as coach of the Chilean squad.

In principle, the player with a past in clubs such as Palmeiras and Colo Colo, let it be known that “I know that with Rueda they worked very badly”.

Thus, when asked about the way of working, he said that “There were players who demanded to work in one way, and Rueda did it in a different way”.

Likewise, Valdivia complemented his previous premise by saying that “the jobs did not go hand in hand with the characteristics that the players demanded of you”.

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