Colombia and Mexico reach an agreement to facilitate the arrival of travelers

(CNN Spanish) — The governments of Mexico and Colombia announced measures to guarantee “the safe, orderly and regular migration of Colombian tourists and migrants” after a series of complaints reported by local media in which Colombian citizens say they were victims of mistreatment upon arrival. to Mexico.

In a joint statement published this Tuesday, the governments of Colombia and Mexico agreed on a list of seven points related to these complaints, among others, maintaining adequate conditions in the inadmission room and reinforcing the dissemination of the requirements for Colombians to enter Mexico.

The statement comes after a high-level meeting on the entry, second review and non-admission of Colombians to Mexico held this week in Mexico City.

Local media have reported several cases in which Colombian travelers say they were not admitted upon arrival in Mexico as tourists and subjected to mistreatment such as arbitrary arrests, taking away their passports and cell phones, taking them to inadmissions rooms, not allowing them to communicate with their relatives, deportations and even alleged extortion by immigration agents in Mexico.

CNN has not been able to directly verify these claims. This medium contacted the Colombian Foreign Ministry to obtain comments on these and has not received a response.

In the joint statement issued this Tuesday, the Mexican government promised to “review and investigate the complaints filed by Colombian nationals, in order to provide adequate treatment to travelers,” without giving more details of reported cases.

Among the commitments made by the Mexican government is that it will guarantee that Colombian travelers have a second review of their case if they are inadmissible, the right to communicate by telephone with their relatives and with the Colombian consular authorities. Also to receive a copy of the record of the reasons for inadmission to the country.

Mexico also agreed to make a consular notification to Colombia if travelers so request to keep Colombian authorities informed of why Colombian nationals are inadmissible.

“Mexico and Colombia undertake to make improvements to optimize the operation of the Pre-registration, so that it is a more accessible platform for all types of Colombian traveler and/or tourist, with the purpose of fulfilling its objective: to facilitate entry and reduce the non-admissions of Colombians to Mexico,” says the joint statement.

This is a new commitment made by the authorities of Colombia and Mexico. In February of this year, during the government of President Iván Duque, a high-level bilateral meeting was held between Mexico and Colombia “to reach agreements that will reduce the number of inadmissible persons and improve the treatment of Colombians at airports in That country”.

At that meeting it was agreed to create an electronic pre-registration system to facilitate the entry of Colombians into Mexico and “reduce non-admissions” of Colombians to that country.

“The electronic travel pre-registration system will also make it easier for the authorities, both immigration and security, to exercise more precise and systematic control with a view to achieving a safer flow of people between Mexico and Colombia,” says a statement from the Foreign Ministry. Colombia in February of this year.

After that meeting, the two countries undertook to “provide dignified and respectful treatment at all times to visitors from each of our countries, guarantee access to consular assistance and prevent harm to the citizens of both countries who are affected when they are inadmissible”.

But after that meeting, the complaints of mistreatment of Colombians in Mexico continued, according to what was reported by several media outlets.

Before traveling from Colombia to Mexico

The Colombian Foreign Ministry published a series of requirements for Colombians traveling to Mexico to “reduce the risk of migratory inconveniences,” it says on its website. The bureaucratic requirements, compared to the arrival of tourists to other countries, are intended only for Colombian travelers.

1. Fill out the pre-registration form and “become familiar with its content”

2. Have accommodation during your entire stay in Mexico. The Colombian government recommends having printed reservations. And in case of being invited by a person, “present a letter of invitation signed by your host” where your contact information is, a copy of the utility bill and a copy of the host’s identification in Mexico.

3. Demonstrate financial solvency for expenses during your stay. The average, says the Foreign Ministry, is between US$100 and US$150 per day, including lodging, food and “recreational activities”.

4. Have a “tour plan defined” and have printed reservations.

5. It is also possible that the tourist will be asked for “work certificate evidencing the vacation period to be enjoyed”.

6. In case of traveling with minors, it is important to bring copies of permits to leave the country.

7. Have international travel assistance insurance.

On the Mexican Migration page you can also see publications related to requirements for Colombian travelers, but not of other nationalities.

CNN has reached out to Mexican immigration authorities for comment on these requirements, but we have not received a response so far.

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