Coal takes the lead in power generation

The leading role of fossil fuels picks up again and that is coal in full twilight returns to the fore in the electricity generation mix of the entire European continent. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has managed to get gas prices to hit unimagined highs, exceeding 300 euros per MWh, which has caused intensify its use as energy for the production of electricity.

In addition to generating a rescheduling of most European countries in the calendar established for the closure of their plants with a scenario that is about to get out of control with the arrival of winter. The reopening of coal-fired power plants already closed calls into question the energy independence of these countries and of the entire bloc and means a big setback in the adoption of renewable energy Less lethal to the environment.

Coal as a substitute for gas to generate energy

The list is extensive, including countries considered powers in Europe such as Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands, among others, who according to the report of the International Energy Agency (IEA) have had to reverse its policies towards this type of fossil fuel such as coal. In this way, reduce the cost of gas to the maximum to face a winter that is uncertain and manage to maintain a certain backup capacity for an emergency.

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And although analysts hope that these measures will be provisional as an alternative to alleviate an energy crisis shaken by winds of war, it is important to emphasize that things are going from bad to worse, because the indefinite closure of the Nord Stream gas pipeline “alleging a leak” by the Russian gas company Gazprom indicates the intentions of Russian policy, a decision that oddly coincides with the agreement reached by the G7 bloc regarding the setting of Limits on purchase prices for oil of Russian origin.

Coal burning steadily rising ahead of winter

Hopes are based on these measures are temporary because of the warbut no one can offer a credible balance of its duration, so speculations are based on uncertain data or, in the best of cases, on estimates that lean towards a scenario where the approaching winter is the least cruel possible and that the war can give a truce.

And it is that now there is the shadow of real leaks with the gas pipeline closed when detecting a trio of leaks that Sweden, Denmark and Germany have immediately responded firmly that it is sabotage in the Baltic Sea. Which simply shows the pressing need for look for a real and reliable alternative to this dependencyalthough this solution is more polluting as is the case with Coal.

The carbon plan – renewable energy of the EU

The burning of this fossil fuel such as coal will increase by 7% according to the most encouraging statistics for this year in all the member states of the European Union, which means exceeding 475 megatons of burned product, generating an increase in electricity production of around 8% and which translates at about 50 terawatt hours.

coal alternative current energy

The original idea is that of establish a state of contingency to face this winter and in the face of his departure, strongly support a massive deployment of renewable energies that offset “in the short term” the current rise in emissions due to the return to the use of fossil fuels to obtain the precious electrical energy.

Europe’s mistake was based on the Prioritization of Russian gas over renewable energies and now it has been a decision that is generating an unprecedented political and human cost, there is nothing left but to assume the consequences of these policies and redouble the commitment to renewable energies where there are many alternatives, solar energy standing out as a guarantee of energy sovereignty, while respecting the objectives set for climate change by 2030.

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