Coaching as a promoter of the talent of professionals in the context of fatherhood and motherhood

Does it make sense to separate the increasingly blurred boundaries between our personal and professional lives when we refer to talent development in the current context? We transform into the best versions of ourselves in professional environments that allow us to incorporate learning and experiences both at work and in our personal lives.

Companies that do not implement a development strategy focused on the comprehensive development of people run the risk of not taking advantage of their full potential, or worse, losing talent.

A clear example of this is the case of mothers and fathers who return from their maternity and paternity leave. Particularly in the case of women, many leave the company or reduce their level of responsibility after leaving. On the other hand, and from a more holistic development point of view, such an impressive event on a personal level can become a fantastic opportunity for growth on a professional level as well.

Given this situation, how can the coaching help companies implement a comprehensive people development strategy when faced with a once-in-a-lifetime experience such as motherhood/fatherhood? In collaboration with CoachHub, this ORH Webinar will seek the answer to that question. And to achieve this, we will have the participation of four professionals who have experienced it first-hand: eliana gialainCoachHub Behavioral Scientist, Elizabeth PenaCoachHub Customer Success, Jessica AlbaHR VP International Welding of Lincoln Electric, and Alberto BengoecheaHead of Learning of Albia (Santalucía Group).

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