Club América player could reinforce Cruz Azul in an unexpected way

Sunday, June 19, 2022

The America club requires new reinforcements for the Opening 2022, but since there are already some players who left, there is still a problem and it is the issue of foreign soccer players. The azulcrema team would have the intention of letting out one of its elements that could open that place so that they can sign someone else.

It is important to mention that the azulcrema squad is looking for a striker who will allow the team to have a better performance in the offensive area and finally have a scoring champion after 9 years in which they have not been able to achieve it. So they would have the perfect option, which would be to bring Jonathan Rodriguez.

The situation here is that he is precisely a foreigner, the Uruguayan would have to displace an element of the current ones, so the azulcrema directive already has a decision. In accordance with Victor Diazthe sacrificed would be Federico Vinas, the forward is one of the players that interests in Blue Cross, for which it would be the opportunity that was sought.

America’s problem

The situation is not easy and it is that Viñas does not intend to leave, his idea is that when he arrives in America he would have an opportunity to sign for a European team, but his quality has not given him enough to achieve it. If it’s not that, he doesn’t want to leave, so the Coapa team would have to annul the contract with him, so now if he left he would leave the team with losses.

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