Clinical devotion in favor of diabetic patients in Puerto Rico

The experts are leaders in the field of medicine that seeks the benefit of diabetics.

Dr. Leticia Hernández, president-elect of the SPED and Dr. José García Mateo, endocrinologist and president of the SPED.

Diabetes is not just a collective public health struggle, but one of the biggest concerns at the endocrinological. For such reason on world day of diabetes we highlight the work of Dr. José García Mateo and Dr. Leticia Hernández for the benefit of these patients, who number about 400,000 in Puerto Rico.

Both captains the Puerto Rican Society of Endocrinology and Diabetology (SPED), one of the most important and active organizations with a work in benefit of the diabetic population.

On the one hand, Dr. José García Mateo, endocrinologist and president of SPED, has stood out for his impeccable family and work commitment, a reason why his son admires him. Meanwhile, Dr. Leticia Hernández, SPED president-elect, shares her passion, respect and responsibility towards her patients in clinical practice.

Both professionals, absolute devotees of their specialty, have dedicated a large part of their practice to educating patients with diabetes, as they aim for the population to achieve control of their condition and a good quality of life.

Diabetes in Puerto Rico

Specialists have pointed out that the prevalence of this condition on the island is approximately 17%, which is why it is vital to continue strengthening educational spaces.

In this regard, Dr. García Mateo has indicated that: “Every adult should review their blood glucose levels at least once a year and watch for symptoms that precede a diabetes diagnosis. After having a diagnosis, the most important thing is to keep your condition under control, taking your medications, exercising, following a proper diet ”.

Likewise, Dr. Hernández indicated, during her decoration at the hands of the Senate of Puerto Rico that all the patients they have to have access to insulin because for them insulin represents life, which is why he made a call for union around advancing in more direct and effective health policies.

“For this reason I believe that all the people who are here can unite our minds and wills to create strategies that help to tackle this condition. Just as our Island is an example in the management of COVID-19, we can also do it with diabetes, “he said.

Treatments and specifications

In addition to the call, Dr. Hernández has highlighted on several occasions that thanks to medical and technological advances It is possible that the patients that are administered insulin can do it in a much easier and more comfortable way, in addition the new tools allow you to control glucose levels more efficiently when eating certain foods.

“The evolution has really been remarkable, first the syringe was an alternative, where it was longer than what is available today, we now have the pens to administer the various types of this liquid. Insulin pumps are the most common where insulin is administered continuously and automatically, either to lower glucose or keep these levels under control throughout the day, this is achieved thanks to technological advances ”, said the specialist.

Meanwhile, Dr. García Mateo mentioned in a particular way, the importance of the prevention of hormonal and metabolic disorders in the patient with diabetes.

“On many occasions, women with polycystic ovary syndrome problem if insulin resistance is treated at the earliest possible level before diabetes develops it can be prevented, just as with early detection of hormonal disorders fertility can be improved in these patients so that they can procreate and reduce those aesthetic metabolic problems that these patients have ”, he highlighted.

Due to these and many other contributions, we highlight the work of these two experts thanks to their commitment to health in Puerto Rico.

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