Clínica Indisa suspends issuance of bonds for isapres Banmédica and Vida Tres

Another consequence of the crisis that the isapres are experiencing. Indian Clinic sent an email to its patients at the Providencia and Maipú offices informing them that As of November 23, it will not issue bonds for members of the isapres Banmédica and Vida Tres.

The measure will apply to medical consultations, exams and outpatient procedures. In practice, this means that at the time of care The users of these isapres must pay the clinic the value of the benefit, and later they must request reimbursement in his isapre presenting the ticket.

In case of hospitalizations, as reported by Clínica Indisa, the clinical account must be paid in full, including the costs of clinic services and medical fees.

“After approximately 15 business days and after your medical discharge, you must document the entire account and proceed to request the refund against the sales receipt in your respective Isapre, either Banmédica or Vida Tres,” reported the office of health in an email sent to patients.

From the Indisa Clinic they assured that they have “the objective of protecting patients”, and for this reason “We decided to maintain the Isapres value tariffs in accordance with the provisions of each of their health plans with said insurers and not charge values ​​in a particular way“, they indicated.

In addition, additionally, it was decided to grant the facility to pay in up to 12 installments at a cash price and without interest to patients who require it, the message says.

The isapres Banmédica and Vida Tres belong to UnitedHealth Group (UHG), an American holding company with a presence in more than 100 countries around the world.

Banmédica and Vida Tres confirm the end of the sale of bonds at Clínica Indisa

Meanwhile, during the afternoon hours, Banmédica confirmed that the online bonus through the I-Med fingerprint system and the purchase of bonuses from the virtual branch will no longer be available for care performed at Clínica Indisa.

“In case you receive medical attention at this clinic, You will have to pay the full value of the benefit and then request a refund through your Virtual Branch, Banmédica App or in one of our branches, attaching the corresponding receipts and documents”, said the isapre in an email sent to its affiliates. The insurer clarified that the GES bonds will not be affected by this situation.

In the case of patients who have Indisa as their preferred provider, they will be able to continue accessing their coverage, although they must also make the reimbursement through the entity’s service channels.

Vida Tres affiliates received a similar email on Wednesday afternoon.

Clínica Indisa’s announcement occurs in a difficult economic context for the isapres, which have delayed payments to health providers for the care provided to their members. In fact, at the end of October the Superintendence of Health issued a circular that sought to protect patients before the termination of agreements between clinics and isapres.

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