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The fight between the operators Claro and WOM for interconnection and National Automatic Roaming (RAN) in Colombia do not stop. Now, one of them (Claro) summoned a new Interconnection Committee today, Wednesday January 26 at 5 p.m.

Through a statement, Claro said that it trusts that the authorities will evaluate the evidence presented since August 2020 on the advanced hidden technological integration between Avantel and WOM

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In addition, they request that the Attorney General’s Office intervene in the investigation so that complaints filed by this company follow a process in order to clarify the issue “for the benefit of the country and the users of this public service”

Why is the fight between Claro and WOM?

Since the ICT Ministry granted Wom the ‘status’ of incoming operator that the CRC has presented several disputes between the companies that are part of this telecommunications sector.

One of the most notorious is Sure and WOM. Initially, Wom pointed out that Claro is not complying with the regulations that require allowing interconnection, that is, the process that generates the connection of calls between Wom users with other operators.

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According to the company, Claro is affecting the call service between users of the two companies.

For its part, Claro assured it filed a complaint against Wom for sending Avantel National Automatic Roaming calls, which makes them pass as if they were from Wom, to take advantage of cheaper rates, which they can only be claimed by an incoming operator.

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