Clara Kovacic, the Argentine scream queen who loves horror movies: “I have a better time watching a movie than in the real world”

The actress, musician and composer Clara Kovacic, baptized the "scream queen" Argentina for its followers and for the atmosphere of the cinema.  Photo: Press/Telam/CGL
The actress, musician and composer Clara Kovacic, baptized the Argentine “scream queen” by her followers and by the cinema environment. Photo: Press/Telam/CGL

Many knew her for her role in the movie Don’t Look Up of Leonardo Dicaprio Y Jennifer Lawrencebut the truth is that Clara Kovacic has a long journey on the big screen. The 32-year-old actress is the face of horror movies in Argentina and the indisputable scream queen national for a long time. His undying love for the fantasy genre makes acting in a horror movie seem like a job. “I am an infiltrated fanatic”repeat over and over again.

Clara is now preparing to brand new the salvage yardthe film in which he stars with Luciano Caceres under the direction of Edward Pinto. The film tells the story of Bruno (Cáceres), a plastic artist crossed by pain, tragedy and madness.

After a successful stint at international festivals, the salvage yard arrives in theaters in Argentina this October 6. teleshow spoke exclusively with the actress of Croatian descent about the film, her connection with horror films and her plans for the future.

– Tell us a little about the salvage yard and your character

– The junkyard it’s a drama about loneliness and grief. In Spain the film was a success. We won several awards at festivals there. In the International Horror and Fantasy Film Week of La Costa of the sun, Luciano Cáceres won as best actor, Eduardo Pinto as best director and I as best actress. It is a film that gives a European profile because it is not terror, it is a drama with magical realism spices necessary to escape a little from the density of the dramatic genre. It is a very good combination that is very popular and in this case it worked, seeing the result at international festivals. The success it had abroad clearly shows that the quality of the cinema we have in Argentina is very high.

My character is Bruno’s wife. I really liked doing it because he is the ghost of the movie. She is super sweet in her memories but when he sees her, she is presented with a duality: on the one hand he is happy to see him, but on the other he recriminates everything that happened. It is like a mirror of guilt. It is an apparition that confronts him and that in a certain way wants him push to death.

Clara Kovacic in a scene from "the salvage yard"
Clara Kovacic in a scene from “El Desarmadero”

– You work a lot in independent cinema. What is special about it for you and why do you choose it so much?

There is a lot of freedom in independent cinema. It is very important that it be sustained, that it can continue to be done so that directors have freedom when it comes to creating and so that scriptwriters can be freer and not be afraid to risk it. There is a lot of passion in independent cinema and you can see that in the final result. Most of the movies I’ve shot are independent because I love it. I also like complement with the commercial to be able to survive in Argentina and that at the same time allows me to have an economic cushion to continue filming independent films, which are more played.

– What does horror cinema represent in your life?

It’s an escape. It’s a place of entertainment where I always end up. When I go to the movies, the first thing I look to see is horror movies. I think we need that reality check, which is very intense. It works for me by turning off the head and putting on a movie. And if it’s horror, it’s an even more pleasant sensation. I consider it a moment of enjoyment and disconnection, in which I connect with the film and escape from the world. Incredibly I have a much better time watching a movie than in the real world.

Clara Kovacic (IG/claramkovacic)
Clara Kovacic (IG/claramkovacic)

– At what point is the horror film today?

At its best. 2022 is the best year for horror movies by far. Counting all genres, the best movies i saw this year were horror. I didn’t stop watching movies. I think that after the hell that was the pandemic, something was created out of fear and despair. For me, the moment of humanity goes hand in hand with horror movies, because the genre is a reflection of our fears with metaphors. It makes me happy because I have a very special bond with horror movies. I consider myself an infiltrated fanatic. Horror movies can never be bastardized because It is the genre that bills the most and what else is being done.

– And the Argentine cinema?

Also in a great moment. There are a lot of productions and a lot is filmed in English to sell abroad. It is very easy to sell horror movies abroad because there are regular customers. The East, for example, buys all Argentine horror films. That is why what is done a lot is to look for bilingual actors. I speak four languages ​​and most of the roles I did were in English. Argentina is in a good moment of cinema. We are having worldwide success in all genres.

Clara Kovacic had a part in the film "Don't Look Up"with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence
Clara Kovacic had a participation in the movie “Don’t Look Up”, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

– Soon you will also premiere APPS, the Argentine-Chilean co-production. What can you tell us about the film?

It’s a moviea horror anthology super commercial and strong. It’s very gory great to watch on Halloween. In fact, it opens October 27th, a few days before the celebration. It is a movie to go to the cinema and die of fear. Very bloodthirsty and with a very good quality. They are four very entertaining horror anthology stories. It has been touring at festivals for a year and winning prizes of all kinds everywhere.

– You have a 3-year-old daughter. Do you let me see some of your movies?

I don’t force her to do anything. The best I can do is let her get close herself. I know she’s not scared. The process to approach terror is very different for each person. I had my call from a very young age. I always felt a great attraction towards terror and fantasy. As a child I loved to stay at home watching horror movies.

On the horizon, Clara is awaiting the premiere of The Ucumar in January of next year. It will also soon be seen The Caregiveran Argentine-American film, and in The Basement Gamesa film based on a best-seller German co-produced with Chile. In addition, he finished shooting the series world robbery of Star+, which will soon be released on the platform. And, as if that were not enough, 2023 will also have it in the series rooster daysof hbo max.

On the salvage yard

Morella was chosen to be the soundtrack for “El Desarmadero” by Eduardo Pinto, who directed the shooting of the video on the same set as the film.

the junkyard tells the story of Bruno, a plastic artist victim of a family tragedy that changes his life forever. The news shakes him completely and leads him to have to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital to treat his hallucinations. The stay there seems to help him cope with the unexpected blow and the hospital authorities decide to discharge him. Alone, without family, Bruno chooses to take refuge in his friend Roberto, who offers him I work in a car wrecker. There you will find that every car has a story, including one that directly involves him. This is how they reappear ghosts from the past and you will have to decide in which world you want to live, if in the one of the living or the one of the dead.


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