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Jesus Crown is -he affirms- in his best physical moment, after the year 2022 It meant one of uncertainty regarding his continuity on the courts, due to a knee injury. In interview for halftimethe goalkeeper assured that he analyzes his retirement with Blue Cross in this 2023 that begins, something that has exposed him to the directive chaired by the engineer Victor Manuel Velazquez.

Have you thought about a retirement with Cruz Azul and how did you deal with your injury and recovery?

I did have a talk with the engineer Víctor about it, I told him to wait for me to see the physical theme, because it was on the subject of Recovery; the idea is that it can stay in the institutionWe’ll see if I still feel good physically. Right now I feel very good physically. I am fully recovered and from there I am going to talk with the board of directors and be very sincere; I still enjoy being here, but it’s not only that, it’s trying to be in the first places, trying to win and helping the team to experience you can contribute as much as possible. If the opportunity arises, and I physically sit down to stay, I will be honest and continueandbut if it is the other way around, I would tell them and I will be grateful for the opportunities they gave me to continue.

Would you like to have a tribute?

It would be a nice recognition and I would be grateful. I have identified with the institution, I have been grateful and people have identified with me; we depend a lot on our hobbyof the people who support us unconditionally. If I was given that opportunity I would be delighted with life. We’ll see what happens, there were players (Christian Giménez case) who deserved it for what they represented, but that decision was not made; around the Rabbit (Óscar Pérez) was given a nice gesture, a small tribute at another time. If I am given the opportunity to withdraw from the institution it would be very important.

What is the legacy you leave with your family?

Misael, who is the oldest, go back to Blue Cross with the Under-20you will be given the opportunity to be part of the Basic forces; he is grateful and very happy that they continue to prepare and train him. Jose Miguel, with 12 years, is in the Under-13seems to go up to the Under-14. He is very happy to be a two-time champion. He was born in Cruz Azul. He feels the colors and is identified with them, they love the position and they are on the right track. Let’s hope they get it. valentine She’s not a big soccer fan, but Violet, the youngest of six years, yes. She bought him goalkeeper uniforms and she does like soccer. She becomes the goalkeeper and we will see in the future what she decides.

How did you mentally deal with your knee injury and a possible early retirement?

A complicated moment, I know that I did not have a good time for my knee injury; I had to recover first, know what was happening, feel one hundred percent to compete sportingly with my peers. That was the first step and it made me very happy, beyond the decision that the teacher Diego (Aguirre, former coach of La Máquina), I think I was happy to return to the courts to compete. I had to keep fighting and enjoy what happened day by day, but I was no longer with the uncertainty of knowing if I was going to return to play or notThat had me at a difficult time. In the end there is my return out there spending half a season; happy about it, that I am given the opportunity to return to the starting arc.

How did you assume your role as captain, but now off the pitch?

In one way or another one has to contribute, either being outside or inside the field; That was what I proposed help colleagueswhen I had to be away, I tried to talk to them (their colleagues), support them and look for them to give their best effort, assume that role that touched me at that time. Now I return to the field and take that role on the field and it was enough to rectify the results. I am pleased with the decision that is made in the aspect that there was a change of coach and is given the opportunity Colt Gutierrez, who already deserved it in the First Division in Mexico and it was our turn. She deservedly touched him.

The message to the fans of Cruz Azul

in advance with all Commitment to our institution and fansWe know what the team represents for them and we are going to prepare ourselves body and soul; we know the objectives for the 2023 and believe me that all the achievements that are made and the struggle that can be made will be for them; recognizing the work they do for the club and its players. We are very grateful. Let them know that each effort is thought of all of them.

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