Chuck Yimin admits that he has just learned that the KKIR is the Indonesian Forward Coalition, Zulhas said.


PAN Chairman General (Ketum) Zulkifli Hassan (Zulkhas) responded to Ketum PKB Muhaimin Iskandar (Chak Imin) who stated that he had just learned that Forward Indonesia Coalition is the new name of the coalition supporting Prabowo Subianto. Zulkhas said the coalition’s name was chosen spontaneously yesterday at an event marking the 25th anniversary of PAN.

“Indeed, we all just found out. Actually, we were there by the way, it was not planned. My speech was titled ‘Progress and Sovereignty,'” Zulhas said after the 25th anniversary of the PANtura event at the Tennis Indoor Senayan , Jakarta. , Tuesday (29.08.2023).

Zulkhas said that yesterday, at the PAN Prabowo anniversary event, he spontaneously asked coalition leaders for the name of the party that supports him. Chak Yimin, according to Zulhas, also agrees with the name “Forward Coalition Indonesia”.

“Pak Prabowo, ‘what if our coalition name is…done, Indonesia Goes ahead, continues’, ‘What about Pak Zul?’ agreed. “How is Uncle Yiming doing?” Agree. So it was really new at the PAN anniversary event,” Zulhas said.

“It was not discussed, not everything was accepted. Yes, it was spontaneous there,” he continued.

Previously, Chuck Yimin admitted that he had just learned about a pro-Prabowo Subianto coalition called the Forward Indonesia Coalition. Chak Yimin also believed that this meant that the Grand Coalition for Indonesian Awakening (KKIR), which was led by Gerindra, had broken up.

“Yes, Pak Prabowo just told me that his coalition is Forward Indonesia Coalition,” Chuck Yimin said after a PAN anniversary event at the Sultan Hotel in Jakarta on Monday (August 28).

“Of course I will inform the party that events have changed. This means that the KKIR has been disbanded. Well, I don’t know, I’ll report to the party first,” he continued.

The vice-speaker of the DPR admitted that he was unable to agree or disagree with the name of the coalition. He also did not ask questions about the name of the coalition.

“Yes, I have no right to agree or disagree. Oh no, it’s not that important (non-participation question). The important thing is that I have to be accountable to my party,” Chuck Yimin said.


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