Chucho Valdés sends a strong message to the Cuban regime

The Cuban pianist Chucho Valdés has reacted to the wave of violence unleashed in Cuba before and during November 15 as a result of the call for the civic and peaceful march for change.

Through his social networks, the artist left a strong message for the regime and denounced the repression suffered on the island.

Valdés recalled his youth and the panic that his generation experienced in the days of the Batista police and regretted that the promises of the revolution to leave those scenes in the past were not fulfilled.

On the other hand, he took the opportunity to demand freedom for the people of Cuba who today have not had the right to demonstrate peacefully in their own streets.

Chucho Valdés has decided to join many other Cuban artists who break the political silence and side with freedom.

His full words below:

Many years ago I saw the Batista police ruthlessly attacking university students, at that time I was a student at the Normal School for teachers.

Every time the police passed by looking inside our school, we were terrified because the young people and the people could not demonstrate freely demanding changes or the departure of the president.

In 1959 it was promised that things like that would never happen again, that there would be freedom of expression and free elections.

Of course we believed it, but the images I see are incredible, seeing is believing said Santo Tomás and I see it and I believe it, although all this is incredible. Freedom for all Cubans # 15N

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