Chucho Valdés and Leo Brouwer support 15N: ‘Freedom for all Cubans’

The Cuban musicians Chucho Valdés and Leo Brouwer supported the Civic March for Change on Monday, that It will run until November 27.

“Many years ago I saw the Police of (Fulgencio) Batista mercilessly attacking the university studentsIn those days I was a student in the normal school for teachers. Every time the police passed by looking inside our school We were terrified because young people and the people could not demonstrate freely asking for changes or the departure of the president“Valdes said on Facebook.

In 1959 it was promised that things like that would never happen again, that there would be freedom of expression and free elections. Of course We believed it but the images I see are incredibleSeeing is believing said Santo Tomás and I see it and I believe it, although all this is incredible. Freedom for all Cubans # 15N“, he concluded.

Teacher Leo brouwer shared on Facebook a video where walks through his house in the dark, with a candle in his hand and dressed in white. Brouwer reads a letter that he shares at the end.

I support all Cubans – and I include myself – all Cubans who ask for a better country (for that right of expression with which we are born). For once you live, you have to do it with dignity and decorum; without manipulation, without hatred and Much less fighting between Cubans!“begins Brouwer’s letter written this November 15.

“I ask to vindicate the lost values ​​of our society. All of them, from the most pedestrian to the most sophisticated. For me it is sad to refer to Cuba as the country of NO, I have said it a few times and I have to repeat it with a lost Island, sunk and destroyed, where nothing is possible, where everything is censored, criticized, after an inquisitive power that repudiates what is not done at its convenience “.

“Hopefully the current and future generations of Cubans feel proud of their land. I join my colleagues, artists and people in general. I don’t want more hurt and more suffering. Enough already! I’m Leo Brouwer, “he concluded.

The singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés also supported the march called for 15N. “It is beautiful that we coincide in showing our claim for absolute freedoms through flowers,” he said.

The civic platform Archipelago communicated at dawn this Tuesday that the march of 15N will last until the 27th or until the regime stops violating the rights of citizens.

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