Chronology of beatings in a bar and the causes of peace by Pierre Gruno


Pierre Gruno was recently detained by the police for beatings. He was eventually released after he offered peace against a reporter named Wawan.

After performing at an event in the Trans TV building, the senior artist told another story related to the case he faced. He bluntly said why he hit Vavan at that time.

“Yes, in theory, I can’t beat people and keep silent, there must be something, right. So we went to an event, my sister’s event, I was invited, I happened to know a few, those who don’t “I don’t know, we met, yes. So he passed by, I said hello, he saw him looking away. Twice I said hello too bro, he just left. I think this kid is really arrogant, yes,” he said recently during a meeting in the Mampang Prapatan district in South Jakarta.

“I asked, I came:“ Why are you cynical to me, bro? What do you mean?” It turned out that he found fault, said why. After we met, he thought I was pretending, how can I pretend in a bar. Yes, in the end it was a beating,” he continued.

Pierre Gruno admitted that he had apologized and was guilty before Vavan. Then he was detained by the authorities for 37 days.

The star of the film “The Raid” calls for peace in Wavan. Because he felt that he needed treatment, because his gangster nature had returned.

“I asked to leave here, because my banditry was repeated, started again. So I don’t want this to happen again, in the old days I became a bandit again, I don’t want, I don’t want. I don’t want to hit people anymore, so I want to leave. Because I already have that feeling.”

Pierre Gruno admits that he will change his mind after the beating case. He hopes to keep up with the times.

“Now it is, my brain is still the brain of the old days. If you fight, you are not satisfied, you fight again until you understand, or you don’t want to be peaceful, for us you are a sissy, you go to the police, but it turns out that this is the current generation. My thinking is still old. So yes, you have to keep up with the times, yes,” he said.

Now Pierre wants to focus on finding a job. Because he needs money to pay off his debts.

“So now it’s just a matter of finding producers who want to shoot for me. I will have to work hard to find capital to pay off my debts. You think it’s cheap,” he concluded.

Watch the video “The case of Pierre Gruno’s persecution of men in a bar ended in peace


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