Chrome can’t update on Android

Google acknowledges the existence of a problem in the google chrome manual update on Android. According to company statements, the team is aware of a recent change in Chrome updates from Google Play on some of the latest versions of Android. On affected devices, it is often not possible to update Chrome manually by clicking update on the app page. What can be done, is Google going to fix it at some point?

If you have the Automatic Updates from Google Play, the browser will continue to update automatically when available on your device without you having to take any further action to update the Chrome browser. The only thing you need is to have a connection to a WiFi network and that the mobile is charging for the application update to be carried out, among which this one is included.

What to do to fix updates

If you want to manually install a Chrome update that is already available, but you are experiencing this issue in Google’s browser, you have two options to proceed until this issue is fixed:

  1. If you have multiple updates pending, or at least one, you can select “Update all” From the page my apps and games.
  2. You may try clearing the cache and data from the Play Store, keeping in mind that this will reset some preferences you have set in the app store

You can also, if it is not an inconvenience, turn on automatic updates. If you want, you can later re-enable them, although if it is not what interests you, it is best to try the previous ways to see if you get it that way. However, this is not a solution for manual updates, but rather another thing you can do in case nothing else of the above works for you.

How to clear the cache and data of the Play Store

To erase Play Store cache and data you will have to follow the steps that we comment below, although It will depend on your mobile model:

  1. Go to Settings of your mobile
  2. Select Apps & notifications
  3. Go to App info or See all apps
  4. Click on Google Play Store (you can search for it)
  5. go to Storage
  6. Hit clear cache
  7. Hit Clear all data
  8. You accept

Once you’ve done it, try again to update Chrome, or any other download or update that interests you and gives you problems.

Update all apps or just Chrome automatically

If you want to update all the applications automatically, at least temporarily, you can do it from the application store itself. Once you enter it, what you have to do is the following:

  1. Give the profile icon (your image)
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Network Preferences
  4. Hit Update Apps Automatically
  5. Choose between any network or WiFi, depending on your interests

Automatic Updates

However, if you don’t want it to update none other than Google Chrome automatically, you can also do it. What you have to do is keep it as it was (without automatic updates) and do the following:

  • Open Play Store
  • Click on the profile
  • gives to Manage apps and device
  • Select Manage (in the menu above, next to summary)
  • Find the app
  • press on her
  • In the 3 points you will see that if you press the option to check or uncheck automatic updates


The team of Chrome is still investigating about the causes of this problem and working to restore the original behavior that the updates had until now so that all users can keep their devices and applications safe by facilitating the update of the famous browser. In the meantime, Chrome’s automatic updates will continue to work as normal.

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