Christmas to marathon: Where to watch movies and series on these dates?

The Christmas atmosphere is in the air this December 25 and after the party it’s time to stay home to do a content marathon with the spirit of December.

Streaming platforms have ideal content to “marathon” at home, Christmas is the ideal excuse to watch the movie or series that you had pending to check.

At Unocero we give you our recommendations so that you can stay in your favorite bed or chair and after opening the Christmas presents enjoy your favorite content.

Disney Plus gives you a superhero for Christmas

Disney Plus has a lot of ideal content for the little ones at home, it is very sure that many of them have asked for a Christmas gift of a figure of a special hero from the Marvel cinematographic universe.

The perfect series that combines Christmas and the MCU without a doubt is Hawkeye.

The miniseries starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld is located in the holiday season. It has all the feeling of this festivity.

In addition to serving as an ideal pretext to incorporate Kate Bishop into the MCU, a character who is very sure to keep the mantle of Hawkeye for the future.

The series received positive reviews praising the action sequences and the chemistry between the cast, this production has a total of six entertaining episodes.

Movies with all the Christmas spirit on Netflix

Netflix has plenty of Christmas-themed movies to suit all tastes and ages, from children’s classics like Scrooge: A Christmas Carol to rom-coms like Christmas Hit.

The latter has the attraction of the return of Lindsay Lohan to the world of entertainment.

But if you want something with a Mexican touch and very relaxed, you can check out the film Reliving Christmas starring Mauricio Ochman.

It is a tape that tells us the story of a grumpy Chuy who, being bewitched, wakes up a year later and realizes that he is doomed to repeat Christmas Day, over and over again.

As always at Unocero we have recommendations for all tastes.

New Christmas classics on HBO Max

HBO Max has very interesting content to enjoy on this date, the 8-bit Christmas movie is a love letter to old-school gamers.

In the same way, it has content such as Gremlins, Alf’s Christmas Special or The Day of the Beast in its catalog.

But definitely the spotlight for Christmas 2020 corresponds to A Christmas Christmas Story.

The film is a sequel to the 1983 classic: ‘A Christmas Story’. In this new story we have adult Ralphie Parker played by Peter Billingslev.

He wants to recreate a magical Christmas for his children like the one he lived, but he will realize that it is not as simple as he thought.

By the way, if “Santa” still has time to give gifts and here are some ideas.

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