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This Christmas season, there are different films to be able to enjoy with the family, this time the section will be presented especially for smallest of the home.

In The Sun of Hermosillo we present you the following Top 5 Christmas movies for kidswhere moments of happiness, peace and fraternity are lived, where the little ones are the ones who enjoy these dates the most.

My poor little angel (Home Alone, 1990)

In the first place is the film titled Home alone either My poor angelfrom 1990, with the protagonist being an 8-year-old boy named Kevin, played by the actor Macaulay Culkin.

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This little being stays at home in Christmassince his family goes to France and they forget about him, staying alone on these beautiful dates, although it was better for him.

Also the mischievous Kevin had not realized that two very peculiar thieves they had a plan to ransack their house during the holidays, the film itself deals with the attacks that the boy makes against them.

Santa Clause (The Santa Clause, 1994)

In second place is santa clausefrom 1994, starring Tim Allen playing Scott Calvin, a divorced father with a son named Charlie, who disagrees with his ex-wife’s idea of ​​telling the little boy that Santa doesn’t exist.

One night to be exact, the night of Christmas, Scott hears a noise in the chimney, looks out, goes up and finds an intruder, when trying to scare him away, he falls and it seems that he has died in his bag there is a note explaining the instructions.

What is written on it is “He must put on the red suit and go with the reindeer, they will know what to do”, in the end everything seems to indicate that he will have to occupy the position of santa claus.

Arthur Christmas: Gift Operation (2011)

In the third position is Arthur Christmas: operation giftfrom 2011, is a children’s comedy and was nominated for a Golden Globe, with this film it is about developing the Christmas spirit in children.

This movie tells a little about what holy He is about to retire and someone will have to take his place, who is destined for his son to replace him.

Twin Swap (The Princess Switch, 2018)

The penultimate and fourth recommended film to see in these December holidays before the end of the year is 2018 Twin Swapwhere the main characters are two young people, a reporter from Chicago and a princess-to-be, who discover their resemblance.

This pair realizes that they are almost identical and they decide to put together a plan to impersonate each other during Christmas, it is carried out by the actress Vanessa Hudgens.

Christmas on the Farm (Christmas on Mistletoe Farm, 2022)

In the fifth and last place is Christmas on the farm released in november this year it is about a man who is widowed who unexpectedly inherits a family farm over Christmas.

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To the family Guy He doesn’t like the idea of ​​this happening and looks for a way to get rid of it, but what he doesn’t know he’s facing is his children finding a way to stay there forever.

All these movies can be found on the platforms of streamingWhat Netflix, Disney Plus and some on YouTubeare for all ages, especially for the smallest of the home.

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