Christian Nodal met with his friend Ronald, the young man to whom he gave one of his jewels

Ronald Aymerich woke up with a prominent smile, one similar to the one Christian Nodal had this Saturday 21 when he saw his friend in the audience of his concert at the National Stadium. After greeting him from the stage, he spent much more time and the Mexican once again paid attention to his 20-year-old fan, to whom he gave one of his diamond bracelets during his first concert in the country.


Yesterday, Saturday, at the beginning of the afternoon, in La Nación we told that Nodal has a friend in Costa Rica. This is Ronald Aymerich, a person with Down syndrome who faithfully follows the Mexican. The story between them began in 2019, when at Nodal’s first concert in the country, the singer approached the boy, told him they were friends and songs, then returned to him to give him one of his luxurious jewels.

The same Saturday, hours later, at the press conference that Christian offered for Costa Rican media, La Nación asked the artist questions related to his most human part and we asked him about that detail he had had with Ronald: he remembered it.

“There are things that I have done that have never weighed me down. I like diamond slaves and it has cost me a lot of work to obtain them, they were always like in my dreams because of course, I am young, and since I love regional music, I also really like urban (style). I am a mixture of youth and what defines us as regional Mexicans. When I met this person I took off my slave and gave it to her, that time I said to myself: ‘if she sells it she can get good money from it,’” she commented.

The artist added: “it doesn’t bother me to part with something material, at that time I was a little drunk (laughs), but I thought I could help someone, I took off my slave and gave it to him (Ronald). I thought: ‘she deserves it, she is a big fan,’” he commented.

a new gift

To Ronald’s delight, his story with Nodal continued in this new concert that the artist offered in San José.

This Sunday, while Ronald was training cheerleading, his mother, Esther Aymerich, said that yesterday they entered the stadium for the concert and placed them in an area designated for people with disabilities. They waited sitting there, although she knew that as soon as the artist appeared, her son would go in the direction of the stage and indeed, it was like that.

“He told me: commitment mommy and left. He arrived near the stage and many people began to recognize him and told Nodal: ‘here is Ronald, the boy with the bracelet’. In an instant he saw it and smiled in recognition. He approached him, gave him a handkerchief and took his cell phone to record himself (with Ronald and the public) from where he was, ”explained his mother.

It had been enough for the young man, but the night had a new surprise for him. When the show ended, Doña Esther and he left through a different place than the entire crowd. When they were walking, she saw several large vehicles and told her son: “Nodal is going to leave that way.”

“A bodyguard told us that we couldn’t be there. At that Christian was in one of the trucks and Ronald yelled at him, then Nodal called him, said: ‘come, mijo’. Nodal hugged him and told him again that they were friends and thanked him for being his sincere friend. The singer’s father also thanked him “for loving Christian Nodal so much and sincerely”, “said the mother.

When the meeting was about to end, Christian Nodal told Ronald that he hoped to see him at the concert this Sunday, May 22, however, Doña Esther told him that they had no more tickets.

“He said no problem, so he talked to his bodyguard and said, ‘I want my friend to be on my show.’ So we agreed to go to the concert again today.”

Ronald is overjoyed: tonight he will sing all his idol’s songs again.

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