Christian Nodal launches a meme denying pregnancy rumor | News from Mexico

MEXICO.- Since his separation from Belinda, Christian Nodal has been in the media spotlight, because his fans are waiting to know more details about both his private lifeas of his musical novelties.

After several months of relationship between Nodal and the Argentine rapperCazzu, there have been several rumors. Among them is the alleged pregnancy from Argentina, which, despite the fact that it has not been directly denied or confirmed by the artists.

However, after the appearance of Cazzu at the Premios Juventud, the fans were speculating about a possible pregnancy, because they claimed to have seen the Argentina feeling her belly as if she were pregnant.

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The interpreter of “We are no longer, nor will we behas posted on his account Instagram -through a instagram story– a meme that seems deny the existence of a baby in the belly of Cazzuin one way funny. However, he did not accompany the publication with any text or comment.

In the image you can see a couple arguing (from a movie where Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams appear), ending the comical situation with the trending song “My baby fiu fiu” by Tito Silva and Tefi C.

In addition, the pregnancy was totally ruled out because Cazzu was recently seen smoking Y consuming alcohol with her friends and Nodal.

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