Christian Nodal denies Cazzu’s pregnancy with a meme? | u-channel

The rumor that the couple would have a son grew after the Premios Juventud.


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After announcing his thunder with Belinda, Christian Nodal He was seen with several conquests, however, there was nothing serious until he was seen with the Argentine singer Cazzuwith whom he has confirmed that he has a relationship and they have been seen going to awards ceremonies or his concerts, always holding hands.

Thus, after several months of dating and knowing each other, it seems that both are happy, and although they have not confirmed the type of relationship they have, it is obvious that there is love, because even he was criticized for saying “I love you” in front of the cameras.

Thus, rumors have begun to spread about this relationship, from the fact that both would be planning to move together to a small mansion on a Hollywood hill, until they are already planning a wedding, or the last thing, that cazu is pregnant.

So far, neither of them has said anything about the gossip, so they have neither denied nor confirmed that they plan to move in together or have a baby. Of course, Nodal, very much in his style, shared in the last few hours what could be considered a meme that denies his girlfriend’s pregnancy, a rumor that began after seeing them together at the Premios Juventud, after he felt her belly her for a long time.

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