Chris Evans, the fervent admirer of Shakira, chosen the sexiest man in the world

Chris Evans has just been chosen as the sexiest man alive on the planet in 2022, according to People magazine, a publication that has been choosing the most attractive actor of the moment for more than three decades.

The 41-year-old interpreter did not fail to show some astonishment at his choice but he received the appointment with great joy, especially because of his mother. “My mom will be very happy,” he says with a smile.

“She’s proud of everything I do, but this is something she can really brag about” She knows she’ll have to deal with the pranks of her friends and loved ones, but the Avengers star isn’t in the least concerned.

Marvel’s Captain America has recounted how he has managed to find a balance between work and private life “The most enjoyable aspect of my career right now is feeling confident enough to take my foot off the gas,” he says.

Among his plans for the future is marriage and starting a family “That is absolutely something I want,” he says, but at the same time he points out that he has no intention of sharing these aspects of his private life because “some things you want only for yourself, or just for my family and my friends”.

Few details are known about his love life. In recent times he has been linked to the Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, 25, known for the Netflix series The Warrior Nun, with Selena Gómez or there was even a time when it was said that he was with Ana de Armas, with whom he shared a cast in Puñales from behind.

He has also recently been associated with Shakira after both began to follow each other on social networks after learning of his breakup with Gerard Piqué The Marvel superhero, who only follows 225 people, added the singer from Barraquilla to his list and she did the same same.

This fact revolutionized all his fans and the actor was forced to clarify that he had never met the interpreter of I congratulate you in person, although he would not mind “I have not had the opportunity to meet her, but I am a huge fan of hers,” he said during the presentation of his film Lightyear, in which he lends his voice to one of the characters.

The actor said that it did not bother him in the slightest that people related them because “she is spectacular”, he admitted with fervent admiration -Shakira and Piqué reach an agreement: the singer will take her children to Miami Chris Evans is considered as one of the golden bachelors of the movie mecca.

In 2001 he had an affair with Jessica Biel, current wife of Justin Timberlake, and later lived an idyll with the comedian Jenny Slate. Other fleeting romances were also attributed to him.

“I am one of those who is terrified of feeling trapped in a relationship,” the actor explained to the Hollywood Reporter, who has never liked to air his private life: “I have always been very independent. I love to roam free without having to give an account nobody,” he said.

And as he reiterated after being chosen as the sexiest guy, he will continue to maintain that privacy: “Some things you want just for yourself, or just for my family and my friends” -Chris Evans remembers that anxiety was about to take its toll on his career.

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