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Chris Evans is in full promotion Lightyearsince he has taken the baton from Tim Allen as the voice of the already mythical Star Commander. Yes indeed, In his interviews, many cannot leave aside his recent past at Marvel Studios, playing one of its great protagonists.

The actor said goodbye to his superhero facet in 2019, when in Avengers: Endgame he last played Captain America. The role of Steve Rogers came to him in 2010 thanks to Captain America the First Avengerretaking it in up to nine studio films -if you count his fleeting cameos in Thor: The Dark World Y Spider-Man: Homecoming-; and in the last meeting released in theaters of the mightiest heroes of the Earth it had a perfect finishing touch for its plot.

Of course, now that the MCU has become a multiverse, everything is possible. And in an interview for MTV, the questions ended up narrowing down the subject of a possible return of the interpreter to once again carry the most famous shield in cinema. He, displaying his usual naturalness, answered… Although not about coming back as his precious Steve Rogers.

The journalist remembered with him what was his first superhero in the cinema: Johnny Storm, also known as the Human Torch. It was in 2005, and Evans signed for the Marvel adaptation playing one of its most prized superheroes, who along with other actors such as Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba either Michael Chickliswas part of fantastic four.

Evans didn’t even stop asking the journalist when he proposed his return to the multiverse as the hero of fire, with a “wouldn’t that be great?” that let see the illusion of him for the paper. Although he replied that no one had thought about it.

“I love that character, and I’m thinking… aren’t they doing something with the Fantastic Four now? I mean, anything can happen. Look, I’d love to. It would be a lot easier to sell him to me than coming back as Cap. Cap It’s too precious to me, and I don’t want to break the beautiful experience that it was. But Johnny Storm, I think he didn’t get to have his moment. It was before Marvel found a groove. I loved the role, so who knows.” He answered in the most cryptic way.

His words directly referenced the project that Marvel Studios is carrying out, and of which -presumably- only two details are known: is already looking for a director, and the new Reed Richards could be John Krasinski. Seeing the recast for Mr. Fantastic, it is clear that the actor from Daggers in the Back would not be chosen again for the role, although any crazy cameo cannot be ruled out for the next foray into the multiverse of one of the MCU characters. .

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