Chollazo! 75 “Samsung TV for € 795 at MediaMarkt

If you have not found a spectacular offer on Black Friday 2021 so far, we are going to change this situation by showing you a gigantic screen TV that has an excellent price. The model is Samsung, which is all life insurance, you can get it from home with excellent reliability since it is in the MediaMarkt online store.

The discount we are talking about is 20%, a quite respectable figure that allows you to only have to pay 795 euros… And without adding anything for shipping costs. Therefore, we are talking about a fantastic opportunity since the television we are talking about includes a screen of nothing more and nothing less than 75 inches. This is the link that you have to use to take advantage of the promotion we are talking about.

Some details that are important in relation to the quality of the image is that the resolution of the TV is 4K, so you will be able to enjoy any type of content with great precision, be it a movie or a live sporting event. In addition, this product is also compatible with HDR10 +, which is capable of using a wide dynamic range when displaying colors resulting in excellent realism. By the way, the integrated panel uses nanoparticles glass that make it possible to display images of great purity and with a very high brightness. Come on, you’re going to see everything perfectly.

A good operating system

What you will find in the Samsung UE75AU7175UXXC is a development called Tizen. This, on the one hand, is a very simple user interface to use where you will find large boxes at the bottom of the screen that allow you to access all the applications you have installed (and there are many, since you can download from all the clients from streaming video services to games). In addition, this software offers a large number of multimedia options such as being able to read files that are connected to the television using any of the ports USB included.

Samsung UE75AU8005KXXC Smart TV screen

And since we mentioned in the connectivity section, you should know that this TV will cover any type of need you have since, for example, you have a good number of HDMI ports that allow you to have all the accessories you have at home connected without having to manipulate any cable to use it. In addition, it also includes digital optical audio output to be able to connect high-power sound bars and, in the wireless section, it does not lack even Bluetooth or WiFi to this excellent product from the Korean company.

Options of this Samsung TV

In the sound section, it should be noted that this is a count of how many stereo speakers that offer a maximum power of 20 W. It is enough, but really remarkable in this section is its compatibility with Dolby and the inclusion of enhancement technologies such as Q-Synphony that allows much more accurate reproductions. Clearly here it is not the best TV on the market, but it does more than deliver.

Samsung UE75AU8072UXXH with HDR

With dimensions of 167.3 95.8 x 5.9 cm with its grief, which is not bad at all considering that we are talking about a Samsung TV with a 75-inch screen, we believe that the offer that you will find in MediaMarkt to buy it is good enough not to miss this opportunity if you have intention to renew your Smart TV.

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