Chivas would go for Santiago Giménez and from Cruz Azul they start to get nervous


Chivas de Guadalajara seeks to strengthen its lead in the face of the departure of Oribe Peralta.

Santiago Giménez in a match with Cruz Azul
© Imago 7Santiago Giménez in a match with Cruz Azul

The journalist David Medrano became a trend this Thursday when he published through his column in the newspaper Récord an alleged interest of Chivas de Guadalajara in getting the services of Santiago Gimenez. Since then, the forward of Blue Cross It has been on ‘everyone’s lips’ and from La Machine they start to get nervous.

+ Chivas stove football heading to the 2022 Opening of the MX League

And it is that many fanatics of the cement manufacturers have not welcomed the news; even more so after the bad tournament of the celestial team and the ‘rout’ of players who may suffer in this passing market. Giménez is being one of its most sought-after footballers, so the idea of ​​his departure has deeply penetrated the ideology of La Machine.

According to the journalist Carlos Córdova, related to the daily coverage of Cruz Azul, Santi could not play with Chivas for “not being Mexican”; However, this approach is not entirely true: and it is that According to the Political Constitution of Mexico within Article 30 in subsection A section III and IV, a person is also Mexican when he is the child of parents by naturalization.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he is the son of the legend of La Maquina Christian gimenez, which in turn is naturalized Mexican, for which Giménez junior enters the line that defines him as Mexican; In addition, the gunner chose to defend the Mexico shirt, another of the basic – and mandatory – arguments to be able to be a Chivas player.

All this ‘run-run’ has nervous La Noria, who are filling up with arguments to try to contravene the signing of Santiago by the Flock. Right now, the only obstacle to the arrival of the ‘Mexican striker’ at Akron is to agree on his starting price, something in which Chivas will have more room for maneuver when the sales that it has on the list are completed and it has enough cash to undertake its signing.

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