Chivas players celebrated when Ochoa saved Lewandowski’s penaltyHalftime

The world Cup represents a month in which the Mexican fans uniteregardless of the club to which devotion is professed, since everyone wants the Tricolor to do well in the fair.

One of the great samples was given in the Guadalajaraa team that is in its preseason, but as good soccer lovers, they stopped their activities to enjoy the match between Mexico and Poland.

In a video published by the club, the Rojiblancos can be seen attentive to the actions, especially the most tense moment of the match: the penalty that was scored against the Mexicans.

With the nerves to everything they gave, in the images it shows Fernando Beltran, who for a moment closes his eyes, apparently praying; In addition, Isaac Brizuela, who does not take his eyes off the television.

However, in both there was a common denominator: The goalkeeper of América, Chivas’ staunch rival, wished him the bestat the time of the auction of the Polish Robert Lewandowski.

And so it was, since Paco Memo he stopped the shot of the Barcelona attacker, which left the score at zero; this generated that the With ewho was wearing the green shirt, jumped from his place to celebrate angrily.

Look at the reaction of the rojiblancos

‘Today I do love you, Ochoa’

Through his social networks and, after Guillermo Ochoa stopped the penalty from Robert Lewandowskithe official account of Chivas showed his affection towards Paco Memowho defends the colors of America: “Today I do love you, Ochoa”, was the publication they made.

Follow the preseason

Chivas is in Barra de Navidad carrying out its preseason; after watching the game National Team of Mexico against Poland in the World Cup in Qatar 2022, the players did physical work; while for the afternoon session a gym and court were planned.

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