Chivas de Guadalajara is willing to offer money plus Uriel Antuna for Sebastián Córdova’s pass


The rojiblanco team has America’s ’10’ as one of its main objectives in this transfer market.

Antuna is on the flock's transferable list
© Imago 7Antuna is on the flock’s transferable list

A new failure of the America on the MX League has set off the alarms in those of Coapa. Elimination before Cougars in the quarterfinals of this Opening 2021 They have made that from the Azulcrema offices they will talk about “project analysis”, so there are several players -including the technician- who would have the hours counted in Las Águilas.

+ Chivas stove football heading to the 2022 Opening of the MX League

In that troubled river those of Chivas They hope to ‘catch’ some name that generates interest in the Akron. And in the last week there was talk of a ‘trading card’ with Uriel antuna and Sebastian Cordova as the protagonists, and this new elimination of the Americanists could accelerate the negotiations between the two dozen.

According to information from the newspaper Marca, there has already been the first approach by the rojiblancos to express their interest in America’s ’10’. Always and according to this information, Chivas would be willing to offer Antuna and a considerable amount of money to “break” the market.

“In the Sacred Flock they have shown such interest in Córdova, that in addition to offering Antuna, there would be money involved as part of the negotiation, which if it were to materialize, would become the great bomb of the winter market.”, part of the newspaper information is read.

From America on the other hand, they are still assimilating the elimination that has called into question the coach’s project Santiago Solari, so they are not yet willing to sit down to negotiate. However, Córdova has a contract for five more years and his first intention was to go to Europe, but with the new interest of Chivas and a restructuring of America, things could change.

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