Chivas are champions of Clausura 2022

The Chivas Rayadas de Guadalajara were crowned champions of the Liga Femenil MX, after beating the Tuzas de Pachuca in the Clausura 2022 Grand Final, where the rojiblancas did not waste the advantage they obtained in the first leg.

Last Friday the first leg of this final was played, where there was a party of goals and emotions, where those from the Sacred Flock managed to prevail against the hidalguenses by a score of 2-4.

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Las Tuzas and Chivas spared no effort for the second leg, and from the first minutes both teams showed that they were not satisfied with the goals scored in the first 90 minutes.

The score in the second leg was moved after 60 minutes, after an extraordinary shot from outside the area by Lizbeth Ángeles, who surprised Blanca Félix, who had to look for the ball at the bottom of her goal.

Despite the goal, Blanca Félix became the heroine of the second leg for the rojiblancas, as she was present on several occasions saving her team from the global tie, including a saved penalty.

Although Pachuca intensified towards the end, they could not beat the red-and-white defense and goalkeeper, so the overall score ended 4-3 in favor of Chivas, and with that they were crowned champions of the Liga MX Femenil in Clausura 2022. the second in its history.

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