China to end quarantine for people arriving from abroad and all other restrictive covid-19 measures from January 8

(CNN) — China will remove the quarantine requirement for all passengers arriving from outside its borders and scrap all other restrictive measures against covid-19, including quarantine for patients who have tested positive, close contact tracing or designation of zones. of risk, as of January 8, 2023, announced this Monday its highest health authority.

“With the approval of the State Council, the outbreak prevention measures defined for class A infectious diseases required by law will cease to apply to covid from January 8, 2023,” said the National Health Commission (CNS). ) it’s a statement.

“COVID infection will also no longer be included in the list of quarantined infectious diseases regulated by China’s border quarantine law,” it added.

This means that January 8, 2023 will mark the official end of the quarantine policy for all international arrivals in China, first put in place in 2020. Travelers will have to have negative PCR test results within 48 hours. following, there will no longer be quarantine, health code or flight restrictions.

For now, people arriving from outside mainland China and Macao must spend five days in hotel quarantine and three days in self-isolation at home.

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