China and Russia will stop using Windows, and you should

Russia and China are strategic partners like the US and Europe, together but not mixed up. It is a momentary tension where all the parties that govern the agreements are interested and therefore also take joint guidelines. In this aspect, China and Russia they have taken the same path with hardware and software: they are going to stop using western products, where the first change is to Linuxand then… Everything gets more interesting.

The global situation does not help the world to continue globalizing, in fact, there has been talk for more than a year of deglobalization, which in this sector that surrounds us is undoubtedly a fact. Russia and China are the best example for two different reasons.

The blockade of Russia and the need to move forward

Russia is a country that for almost 30 years has been focused on selling, exporting and creating first-class military weapons, but in terms of hardware or adjacent technologies it has not been up to the task and today it is far behind, perhaps too much. The plans go through strengthening its semiconductor companies and designing new chips that can, at least, support its infrastructure without depending on the US or Europe.

While between the creation of these chips it is the case that the systems that used Windows are going to be replaced by Linux in a customized version that will logically have Unix as a base. It speaks of AstraLinux as such, based on Debian and should reach the military first and then all branches of government. In any case, it is said that in a decade Windows will not be present in Russia, not even on consumer PCs, so the threat is very serious.


China’s operation, the most ambitious in the world

China has it even clearer. If there is already almost no American service that works in said country, nor social networks or anything like that, the operation of the Asian country is even more ambitious and blunt.

The word is independence and the suffix is ​​technological. China does not want to depend on absolutely no one and for this it is not only spending huge amounts of money on semiconductors and hardware designs, with the Loongson Godson 3A6000 as a spearhead, but in terms of software it will leave aside anything that exists.

chinese linux operating system

And it is that China fears that the US will take control of software as it has with hardware due to Microsoft’s movements. Therefore, you want to create a OS completely from scratchalthough in the meantime they will start from some version of Linux to definitely make the leap to something personalized.

The acceptance of this will be focused first on the hardware of the army, something that we also know because the military branch has its own chips, both for missiles, drones, planes, submarines and of course for the AI ​​supercomputers they have.

In any case, the US undoubtedly has it very complicated, where even the EU is considering starting to count certain services and develop its own… Bad times for globalization.

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