Children’s cinema Christmas | 13 movies to watch with kids this Christmas

The Christmas holidays are a good time to enjoy in front of the screen with the little ones. / CR

The Christmas season is perfect for enjoying entertaining family titles with the little ones, either at the cinema or from the sofa at home.

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Christmas is a time of illusion, gifts and free time to enjoy with the little ones in the house. One of the best ways to spend quality time with them is in front of the screen, whether it’s the movies or TV in the living room. Children’s Christmas movies are a classic and that is why the billboards are filled with perfect titles to watch with children these days.

But if you don’t feel like going to the movies and you prefer to spend time with the kids at home, the platforms of
streaming They have a wide catalog of children’s options to play during the Christmas holidays. We leave you some proposals for all tastes:

Releases to see in the cinema


‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’

DreamWorks returns the universe of ‘Shrek’ to our screens with one of its most popular characters, Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas), in a new adventure in which we will see how time has treated him. The brave cat realizes that his risk-taking nature and his passion for danger are taking their toll and he only has one of his nine lives left. Recovering the rest will not be an easy task and he must embark on an adventure in the Black Forest to find the Wish Star and regain their lost lives. For this he will have to enlist the help of his nemesis, the cat Kitty Patitas Suaves (Salma Hayek).

The Magi can no longer. No matter how hard they try, Santa Claus always ends up stealing the limelight and they don’t get along at all well. Fed up with the popularity of Santa Claus, who has fully immersed himself in the world of ‘postureo’ and social networks, they decide to stand up to the matter after attending the annual meeting of the CHUSMA (Committee of Universal Brotherhoods of Magical and Amazing Beings ). But sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease and their confrontation awakens a common enemy, the Krampus, which has been inactive for centuries and is very dangerous.


‘Full train 2. Yes, it has happened to them again’

Family adventures are back with the second installment of ‘A todo tren’, this time starring the characters Clara and Susana, played by Paz Vega and Paz Padilla. Directed by Inés de León and co-written by Santiago Segura and Marta González de Vega, the film once again shows us the adventures of a group of children who once again end up on a train without adults in charge. After Ricardo (Santiago Segura) and Felipe (Leo Harlem) were left out of the wagon in the first film, Clara (Paz Vega) decides to take the little ones herself along with her friend Susana (Paz Padilla). Nothing goes as planned and the funny story repeats itself for the second time.


‘Rabbit Academy: The Great Easter Egg Theft’

Max couldn’t be happier: he has fulfilled his dream of becoming the first city bunny to be chosen to participate in the Easter bunny master class and both he and his friends will have to find their superpower in order to protect the party. But everything is unexpectedly cut short when the Golden Egg, the most precious asset of the Easter rabbits, turns black to announce that the festivity is in danger. Max and the little fox Ferdinand, who offers her help, will have to work together to save her.

Disney signs this action movie that shows us the exciting journey of the Clades, a family of explorers known throughout the world, to an unknown land full of fantastic creatures that they must document. This adventure will be the most important for the protagonists, who will have to put aside their differences to enter this unexplored environment and be able to complete their mission.


‘Hopper the Chicken Hare’

This Belgian animated film tells the story of Hopper, the adoptive son of the famous adventurer King Peter, who was born half chicken and half hare. His differences will not be any impediment for him, who embarks on an intrepid adventure with his servant Abe, a sarcastic turtle, and Meg, a skunk capable of facing anyone thanks to his knowledge of martial arts. . Together with them, Hopper launches into the search for the Hamster of Darkness, a highly coveted relic that they will have to get to before Lapin, a villain recently escaped from prison.

This animated film tells the story behind ‘Little Nicholas’, the well-known series of children’s books by cartoonist Jean-Jacques Sempé and writer René Goscinny. It shows the happy and fun childhood of Nicolás, a boy who lives between games, jokes and learning, whose adventures end up taking him to the studio of his creators. There he talks with them, who tell him how they met and became friends, while also explaining how they embarked on their careers.


‘Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow’

This Goya-nominated animated film will hit theaters on December 28 with a different plot, which seeks to entrap viewers to solve a mysterious crime in the 1930s, aboard a luxury plane where insects of all kinds coexist with humans. Veteran Inspector Sun, a spider on the run from the company who was about to retire, was trying to carry out his latest mission against his arch-enemy Red Lobster when he finds himself embroiled in this very important case.

Movies to enjoy at home


Amazon Prime

‘The Croods 2: A New Age’

The adventures of The Croods continue in this sequel that features the voices of Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, among others. The protagonists have survived dangers of all kinds, but now they must face their biggest challenge to date, meeting another family that already lives in the idyllic place where they want to move. The Bettermans are not just any caveman, their house is very elaborate, they live surrounded by useful inventions and they are further along on the evolutionary scale. As expected, tensions do not take long to appear between the neighbors, who must join forces to face a new threat.



‘The Boss Baby Christmas Extra’

Christmas Eve is one of the most anticipated nights for the little ones thanks to the visit of Santa Claus and all his gifts. But sometimes things get complicated and even more so when the Boss Baby mistakenly ends up where he shouldn’t: taking the place of one of the elves who help Santa Claus bring all the toys to the children of the world. The little one gets stuck at the North Pole and finds himself in the middle of a great Christmas adventure.



‘Night at the Museum: The Return of Kahmunrah’

Museums are places steeped in history and sometimes magic. In this entertaining animated film, the Egyptian world comes alive at night and completely shatters the tranquility of Nick Daley, a night watchman at the Natural History Museum who finds himself in quite the trouble.

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey return as Giselle and Robert in the sequel to ‘Enchanted’, ten years after the story of the first film. After moving to New York, the protagonists have already had a baby together and Morgan is quite a teenager, but Giselle is not quite happy with what the real world is like. She decides to take matters into her own hands and makes a wish that doesn’t end up turning out as she expected.



‘The Dragon of Wishes’

You already know that ‘careful what you wish for’ thing, because it can come true. Having a genius that fulfills everything you ask for can only end one way: in adventures. That’s why Din, a teenager who longs to see his childhood best friend again, ends up involved in an incredible story when a dragon capable of granting him three requests shows him all the possibilities available to him.

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