Chicote Calderón throws stick to the Rojinegros del Atlas

Emerged from the quarry of the Atlas Red and Blackthe now player of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, Cristian ‘Chicote’ Calderon, sent a forceful message to all his haters, especially those who assure that he is ‘burned’ by the pair of championships achieved by the Foxes in the last football year in the MX League.

In an interview with TUDN, Chicote recalled that when he first arrived at Chivas he was ‘punched’ by the same rojiblanca fans, criticism that he has changed to gratitude after showing them his dedication and raising his level of play.

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“I like that they talk about me, I spent a long time with Chivas fans, in the end it gave me up and I ended up playing. messages, those same people thanked me for the effort, that’s what I like”, recalled the player.

Regarding the general criticism towards the rojiblanco team, Calderón assured that these are given due to the greatness and importance that the rojiblanco club has in Mexican Soccer, acknowledging that it is only up to them to change those negative comments, trusting that this Apertura 2022 can maintain the level shown the previous semester and increase it during this new tournament.

Regarding the clash he has with Atlas players, his former team, Chicote made it clear that despite the Foxes’ two-time championship, he does not feel any type of envy, since the Rojinegro team is still very far from the achievements of the chiverío.

“If he is a two-time champion, he is a two-time champion, it was his turn, I will say it again, he lacks more stars to reach us, but well, I prefer not to get into that subject anymore. Not only because the rival became champion, when Cruz Azul became champion We also had to aim to be champions in the next tournament, that’s something else. There’s not so much pressure, in the end, whatever team is champion, we also have to lift a cup,” he said.

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