Checo Pérez finished in fourth position in the Brazilian GP

Checo Pérez could not contain the attack of Hamilton towards his victory in the Brazilian GP

The Mexican Czech Pérez finished in fourth position in the Brazilian Grand Prix, in a race marked by the Safety Cars that ended up affecting the team of Red bull, who lost the race to winner Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, who was in third position.

Checo Pérez had an excellent start beating Carlos Sainz on the main straight; the tapatío won the third position from the first corner and fought directly with Valtteri Bottas, who fell to second place.

The Finn tried to cover the man from Guadalajara, who at turn four tried to block Checo’s exit, but he got inside and overtook the Mercedes driver.

Despite the advantage that the Red bull, everything changed in five laps, with the touch of Yuki Tsunoda with Lance Stroll, and the departure of the first Safety Car.

At the restart of lap 10, Czech Pérez had a good defense for the benefit of Max Verstappen, who accelerated, while the tapatío defended the place against the attack of Lewis hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

The race was bumpy, because in that same restart Mick Schumacher had a contact with Kimi Raikkonen, so on lap 12 they showed the virtual safety car and with it again brought the Mercedes closer to the distance.

The restart of the race with lap 15 caused a direct duel between Checo Pérez and Lewis Hamilton, who rose eight positions from the start of the competition due to his suspension. The Englishman beat Red Bull on lap 18, but the latter responded with the DRS on the same lap and regained second place for a few moments.

Lewis hamilton He attacked the Mexican again on the main straight and on lap 19 he activated the DRS and managed to overtake the Mexican. Czech Pérez He was not able to compete with him in power and could not take advantage of the clean air to regain his position.

The one from Guadalajara had to let Lewis Hamilton escape, so he had to defend himself from the attack of Valtteri Bottas, who managed to get closer to less than four tenths, although he was unable to overcome it.

With a Czech Pérez solid on the track the fight started in the pits, so for one lap the Mexican got to be first place before entering to change tires and got to put in fifth place, behind Daniel Ricciardo.

Mercedes took advantage of the appearance of the Safety Car on lap 31 to put Bottas in the pits and thus start in third place and ahead of Checo Pérez.

Checo quickly passed Daniel Ricciardo, but was unable to catch up with Valtteri Bottas, who showed a better pace and was in front of Checo between 3.4 and 3.8 seconds.

With two laps ahead, the team asked the Guadalajara to enter the pits in search of the extra point for the fastest lap. Something that he fulfilled without problems by putting a lap of 1: 11.010 on the timer. Checo added 13 points at the end of the race, 12 for the fourth place obtained and the extra point, while Valtteri Bottas obtained 15 points.

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