Checo Pérez begins to tire of the reliability of his Red Bull

Mexico City /

Sergio Perez noted that he is beginning to “get a little tired” of the reliability problems his RB18 after being left out in his second race of the season at the Canadian Grand Prix, in addition to ruling out, from the start, that the gearbox problem is related to his crash on Saturday in Q2.

Contrary to what Helmut Marko considered, who considered that there could be a relationship with the incident in the qualy, the driver from Guadalajara pointed out that “for now” he did not think so, and pointed to the problems caused by the new regulations.

“I’m getting a little tired of those reliability issues”initially commented to via playa comment that he reinforced later with more details of the reason for his discomfort.

“Everyone is pushing hard with everything. It probably also has something to do with the new rules. The car bounces much more, so you will have to deal with various problems“, he explained in statements that he collected RaceFans.

This Sunday, when the ninth lap was just beginning, the Mexican abandoned the race and his attempt to cut distance with Max Vestappen was frustrated in the fight for the lead, fact caused great discomfort and pain, as he saw potential to fight for the podium. The abandonment was added to the one he suffered in Bahrain.

“You just lose precious points if you have to write a zero score when fighting for the championship. The championship is still long. It hurts me now, so I’ll forget it as soon as possible“, he insisted.

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