A win-win option is the various bistros or buffets offering contemporary cuisine. For example Bistro Les on Tirshova Street in Decin, specializing in vegan cuisine, offers main dishes at a price of 130 CZK. He changes his offer every week. In the penultimate week of August, visitors could feast on, for example, mustard-marinated tofu nuggets with apples and dill and potatoes baked in radish pesto. In addition, there are soups on the menu for 50 crowns, this week they were, for example, carrot soup with buckwheat or lentil soup with root vegetables.

Just a few hundred meters on the opposite bank, he offers his services at the foot of the via ferrata to the Shepherd’s Wall. Cafe on the map. The menu of the restaurant is based mainly on bagels, which are given local names associated with natural beauties. So on the menu you will find bagels “Snezhnik”, “Cowl” or “Belvedere”. Their prices start from 115 crowns. In the sisterhood Coffee and books not far from CTU they offer, for example, “khlebish”, i.e. baked bread, for example, with ham, prosciutto, cheese or sun-dried tomatoes.

Among the buffets in Decin and Ceske Kamenica, the hungry may be intrigued. Bakery Martin, which, in addition to baking, also offers ready-made meals. On Wednesday, August 22, the menu included, for example, lentils with sausage for 109 kroons or muffins with jam and cottage cheese for 119 kroons.

Bistro Franz Josef in Decin.

A good ice cream can be recognized by its weight, says the Decin ice cream maker Sterba od Franz Josef.

It might also be an interesting choice. pancake house in the castle of Decin, which is managed by the society of the disabled “Slunecnice”. In addition to sweet pancakes, they also offer a savory version, which can be a nice change to the lunch menu. And what, moreover, will not burden the wallet so much: spicy pancakes in the arch of the castle cost from 99 to 121 crowns.

Inexpensive lunches are also offered by a number of restaurants specializing in classic gastronomy, with lower prices, especially for lunch menus. For example, in Decin Hotel Post they always have a few dishes for 139 crowns, like goulash, szegedin or smoked neck with dumplings and spinach. Lunch is full too. Nautilus restaurant in Decin – Zhelenica, where the cheapest food costs about 140-150 kroons. At the restaurant I’m sorry in Varnsdorf then offers a lunch menu including soup for 126 kr.

Sanatorium in Etrichowice.

Sanatorium Jetřichovík will have to wait for repairs, as last year’s fire in the park slowed down its progress.

You can also eat cheaply at most pizzerias, each offering at least one pizza for around 130 kr. For example, in the famous and popular Decin. Pizzeria “U Takhira” On Tyrsova Street, you can order a pizza with salami, hot peppers, mushrooms or ham through the delivery service for 130 kroons. Other pizzerias in the region offer similar prices. For relatively little money, you can also eat in Asian restaurants, which are available in almost every city and offer food from a hundred crowns and more. For those traveling between Decin and Usti nad Labem, stop for lunch at bus station in Dobkovitsawhere in the penultimate week of August they offered, for example, a pastry with dumplings and cabbage for 130 kroons or a roll with mashed potatoes for 135 kroons.

Fast food chains are a special category. They also have no shortage of clients. They currently have their own restaurants in Decin. McDonald’s And KFC. Although they offer a standard full menu with a hamburger or wrap, fries and a drink for around 200 kr, you can also eat here for around 130-150 kr. For example, a simple hamburger in mekach costs 45 crowns, and a wrap costs the same.