Chávez paid Nacho Beristáin $40,000 to go up to his corner

It is clear that working for Julio Cesar Chavezin his time of boxerand right now, it turns out to be quite a luxury for those who earn their trust, because the Mexican Champion gratifies those who pull with him and wave his flag, as was once the case with the famous coach and maker of Aztec world monarchs, Ignacio Beristain.

And it is that Don Nachoduring the long talk he had with Erik “The Terrible” Morales for One More Round (broadcast that you can follow on the half time facebook), told that chapter when he was part of the corner of the so-called Caesar of Boxingand the good slice that he received just for being in that place during one of his last professional fights, hence the gratitude that he has always had for him.

“I only worked on a fight, because it was a fart, there were a lot of bastards with him, stomping and pushing, pulling; July told Ricardo Lopez: ‘hey, lend me your coach’, and he said ‘yes, of course’. already after July He spoke to me and I told him that there was no problem, ‘I’m with you’.

“I went up with him before Miguel Angel Gonzalez (Mexico Square 1998), and then we left and he talks to me and says: ‘hey bastard why did you leave, come have a beer’, I told him that it was already late, that I was going to sleep; ‘come I need to talk to you’, he insisted and when I arrived he asked the accountant, ‘hey, write a check for 40 thousand dollars to Beristáin’I told him ‘how’, and he turned me around, ‘what, you want more, if you worked like 40 minutes’the reality is that I was going to do it for free, but he insisted, I was grateful, he’s a great guy.”

‘The best Mexican’

Regardless of how nice it seems JC as a person, in addition to being a great guy, for Nacho, on a boxing level, he is the best Mexican boxer of all time.

He was a great fighterhe took many hits, a very good defense, an outstanding, that’s the truth “.

In that brawl before The Wizard Gonzalezthe result was a controversial tie, although the 40,000 attendees who filled the bullring were angry because they saw Chavez win.

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