Charlotte Flair breaks her character after her fight at Survivor Series

‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair She faced her great rival Becky Lynch in the PPV Survivor Series Champion vs. Champion match.

Charlotte Flair breaks her character after WWE Survivor Series

The fight was configured for months as one of the most anticipated of the night due to the controversies that surrounded the two competitors, in addition to the gigantic rivalry that the two former best friends have maintained with each other for several years. For those reasons the match unfolded in an unorthodox way that opened the show in a unique way and ended, of course, controversially when Becky covered Charlotte while leaning on the ropes.

Nevertheless, even though each Champion should focus on their brand from now on, Even after the fight, there has been a lot of talk about the rivalry between the two; Well, first of all, after the confrontation WWE published a video of the winner on her YouTube channel in which she was very emotional about what she experienced in the ring with her old friend.

Added to this, It happens that published 74 behind-the-scenes photos captured during the PPV held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The interesting thing is that in one of them, Charlotte Flair is seen returning to the backstage area after being defeated by her great rival with a beautiful smile on her face., something that clearly breaks with the character and with all the history that we had observed in the last weeks.

You can see the photograph below:

WWE Photo

Although we do not know for sure the reason behind the smile of ‘The Queen’, it is interesting that it was WWE itself that made the photograph public, because in case of wanting to protect the character and the story they could simply not have uploaded said photo to your website.

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