Charge any electric car on the Tesla network using its Android app

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There are many reasons why electric cars are not yet commonplace. To begin with, its cost is much higher than that of a combustion car. In addition, its autonomy is usually not so high. Finally, the number of chargers that are available is not too high, something tricky in the face of the great change that is being prepared for 2035 in Europe. The latter has improved dramatically today as Tesla has announced that it is opening up its supercharger network to any electric car, though there are several things to consider.

Which chargers are compatible

Tesla has included Spain in its trial to open its supercharger network to any brand of electric vehicle. 13 stations, each with multiple chargers, have been included in this test. In total they will be 116 charging points in these cities:

  • Albacete
  • Alcobendas (Madrid)
  • Almaraz
  • Douro Aranda
  • CaƱavate Watchtower
  • Barbastro
  • Benavente
  • the ejido
  • Grenade
  • Sherry
  • La Seu d’Urgell
  • Rivabellosa
  • Seville

Charge price of any electric car

The prices of the load will depend on the type of payment that we choose, if by use or with a monthly subscription.

  • Subscription to Tesla: 12.99 euros per month are paid and in the load the same is paid at 43 cents of euros per KW.
  • Without subscription: The price will be about 64 cents of euros per kW, but it can change depending on the location and the time.

The price is the same for the V2 chargers, up to 150 kWh, and for the V3, up to 250 kWh currently. In 2022, however, few non-Tesla vehicles have those charging speeds.

You also have to remember that tesla charges if you have your car connected if it is already charged. It does so to minimize the collapse of stations at rush hour. The price charged is 50 cents per minute if the car is connected but is already fully charged and 1 euro per minute if that happens and the station is also full.

How to charge any electric car

In order to register in the Super Chargers network, we will need to download the application from the Play Store and create an account there. It will only ask us for the name, email and password. If we want to use it, we will also have to put a payment method, but that is not mandatory to be able to use the app simply.

When we are going to use it we will have to select the option “Charge a non-Tesla vehicle”.

The compatible Super Chargers will appear in the search engine. We have looked at the one in Seville and, in effect, it says that we can charge any car. Of course, it has to be compatible with the CSS connector, which is the standard in the European Union. And if you look closely you will see that the charging price is the average given by Tesla.

To charge the car we will have to plug in the car, select the post number in the application and select the payment method. At that moment the recharge will begin.

Problems with some models

The only drawback, for the moment, is that cars that have the charger in the front left or rear right area will not be able to use these chargers, due to the length of the cable, as indicated. Eduardo Arcos on his Twitter.

Neo Tan cover photo on Unsplash.

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