Chantal Andere clarifies if it was the third in discord between Adolfo Ángel ‘El Temerario’ and Alessandra Rosaldo | Famous

Chantal andere faced recent statements that Alessandra rosaldo did about her and Adolfo Ángel ‘The Reckless’ and made it clear what happened to the singer.

In his participation, Rosaldo told how the relationship with ‘El Temerario’ happened: “We are talking about this happening in 1994, he grabbed me little. I was 23 years old and he was about eight years old, “he said in ‘Pinky promise’.

But the courtship ended when he said that, through a magazine, he found out that he was also dating Andere: “He did not cut me off in person, just began to walk with another“.

“If I thought there was still something, then when I saw a magazine I found out that I was already with Chantal Andere“He mentioned. However, it is now the actress who gave the singer an answer.

Did Chantal Andere end the romance between Alessandra Rosaldo and Adolfo Ángel ‘El Temerario’?

The soap opera villain was approached by the Mexican press last weekend at a theater event in Mexico City, where she was questioned about the comments that Alessandra Rosaldo made about her and stopped the version that had an affair with Adolfo Ángel.

“No the truth I’m not even interested in talking bad for other people, I’m here to talk about the project, “he said bluntly in statements presented in ‘Sale el sol’ this Monday, November 15.

“You know that I never get into gossip. It wasn’t me, I mean I did not walk with him; we knew each other, but no, “said the 49-year-old actress to finish the song.

For a long time, the Mexican press has romantically linked the actress with the so-called ‘Major Reckless’, assuring that they were boyfriends in the 1990s. However, now she clarifies that she had no courtship with him.

Meanwhile, Alessandra Rosaldo, 50, kept the romance she had with him very secretive, but it was revealed in the first season in ‘On a trip with the Derbez’ when Aislinn Derbez he betrayed her to the cameras.

The loves of Adolfo Ángel ‘El Temerario Mayor’

Adolfo Ángel Alba, his full name, has had a love history that points to several famous people. He has been romantically linked to women of the stature of Verónica Castro, Mariana Seoane, Ninel Conde and Sissi Fleitas.

He is currently 58 years old and has been divorced since 2010 from the model Gabriela Ghilino, whom he married in 2003. From this marriage he had three children. The singer is focused on his role as a music producer. Meanwhile, Chantal Andere is married to film director Enrique Rivero Lake, they came to the altar in 2008.


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