Change of time and venue: Honduras fireproof against Costa Rica prior to the round of 16 of the U-20 World Cup

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Already classified to the round of 16, the Honduran National Team will have its first litmus test today against a rival of the same caliber: Costa Rica.

The Bicolor dreams big thanks to their youngsters, who have scored eight goals and received none in their first two games in Group H of the tournament.

Antigua and Barbuda (3-0) and Jamaica (5-0) did not give a job to the host, who to finish as leader will have to sweat blood against a needy Costa Rica, commanded by experienced youngsters.


The task has been made easy in the U-20s thanks to their goalscoring partner, who are 18-year-old boys: Marco Aceituno, striker for Real España, and Jefryn Macías, point guard for UPNFM.

Both have earned praise in the ‘Mini-H’, where they have become synonymous with scoring with a goal for each in the debut and doubles in the second duel, where they left their mark for their speed, explosiveness and hunger for glory in the dispute of each ball.

Marco Aceituno is one of the goal men of the Honduran U-20.

Aceituno has scored goals in every possible way: right foot, left foot and header. Macías has done it with pure power, because he becomes a missile when he enters the field coming off the bench.

The first goal of the ’19’ catracho was thanks to Morazán’s terrible field, which two days later saw him wreak havoc against the “Reggae Boyz”, first with a penetration from the band to the area to culminate a kick to the angle, so that minutes later he dazzled with a half turn in the small area and thanks to an accurate shot from the right he was able to shout his goal to the sky, from where his father Nery has strengthened him.

The rest of the goals have been the work of central captain Aarón Zúniga and midfielder Isaac Castillo, the most experienced of the catracha squad.


Those led by Luis Alvarado will take to the pitch at the Yankel Rosenthal stadium with their next destinations in mind: the draw will give them access to face Curaçao in the round of 16 and a subsequent viable knockout round, but the defeat will be punished by an odyssey to get tickets to the World Cup 2023 and Olympic Games 2024.

In Costa Rica, Jewinson Bennette and Brandon Aguilera, who have just won the ticket to Qatar, threaten their attackers, keys with which the Tricolor will seek to hit the regional classic.


A) If Honduras is the leader, it will face Curaçao in the round of 16 on Saturday at Morazán. If he overcomes said key, his rival in the quarterfinals for the ticket to Indonesia 2023 would come from the cross between the second in group E and the third in F, which at the moment would be the United States and Guatemala.

b) If Honduras loses, it will be second and will face in the round of 16 the third party in group F, whose place belongs to Trinidad and Tobago. If they advance, their rival in the quarterfinals would be the winner of the cross between Nicaragua and the leader of group E, where Cuba is the surprising pointer above the United States.

Honduras vs. Costa Rica
3:30 PM
City: San Pedro Sula
Stadium: yankel rosenthal
Transmit: ESPN

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