Celta de Vigo ‘blocks’ the exit of Orbelín Pineda

Teams like AEK de Atenas, Rayo Vallecano, Chivas and Toluca have shown interest in Orbelín Pineda, but at the moment none of those options have materialized

Even though that him Celta Vigo wants to get rid of Orbelin Pineda Just six months after signing him, the Spanish club have turned down loan offers in Europe, where the Mexican national team wants to continue his professional career.

The directive of Celtic did not accept a one-year loan offer with an option to buy from AEK Athens, where Matías Almeyda asked the player for his previous stage with Chivas and whom he himself Pineda He gave the “yes” for several weeks to go to Greek football.

This same situation has occurred in recent days with Rayo Vallecano, a club that is seeking a one-year loan with an option to purchase Orbelin Pineda and to which the same 26-year-old midfielder would be willing to emigrate due to his desire to remain in Europe and, in this case, in the Spanish LaLiga.

Celtic remains firm in its desire to sell to orbelin a semester after signing a contract for four and a half years, when the Mexican soccer player barely played a total of 94 minutes in seven games, none of them as a starter.

Given the few opportunities that coach Eduardo Coudet gave him, ‘Orbe’ knows that he needs another club to have minutes and show his best level in the semester prior to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, but even with the board of Celtic interested in getting rid of the player, she has not accepted the loan offers because she wants a definitive sale.

Several Liga MX clubs have raised their hands such as Chivas and Toluca, who have made offers of between 5 and 6 million euros (5.3 and 6.3 million dollars) for the definitive purchase of Pineda.

However, the former Cruz Azul, Guadalajara and Querétaro player, beyond thanking the Flock and the Red Devils for their interest, without closing the door on them, is exploring the possibility of staying in the Old Continent, with the certainty that if he returns to Mexico could hardly return to fulfill his European dream.

Celtic should seek to give it up so that it goes to the World Cup and is revalued, and then be able to sell it for twice what they are willing to sell it now, ”he told ESPN a source in Vigo with knowledge of the situation between the player and the Spanish team.

For now, Orbelin Pineda still linked to Celtic and he would have to report on July 1 for the preseason, but given his desire to leave the club and continue in Europe, everything remains in the hands of the Galician team’s board to give him the opportunity to have in another team the minutes that Coudet did not gave.

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