Cell: How to know if you have little time to live

The cell phones They are an important part of everyday life and many people tend to occupy them exhaustively during the day. This, coupled with little maintenance, makes the equipment work hard and its useful life is quickly shortened.

Now how do you know exactly when a team is reaching the end of its days? It’s possible? Yes, and it is important that the user is aware of these signals so that they can make the necessary changes before it is too late.

Signs to know if your cell phone is about to die

Screen flickering

One of the main ways to recognize when equipment is broken is when key parts such as the screen begin to fail.

In many occasions, with the simple use, the screens of the mobile phones begin to flicker when we are doing our daily tasks. This may indicate that the screen or the plate of the cell phone is with errors.

Bad touch screen

To the previous point we can add the low sensitivity on the screen. Not recognizing our touches, or worse, reacting too late, are symptoms of a bigger problem. Take it to the technician as soon as you can.

Mobile deformation

If you are one of those who use the equipment with cases (cases) and you start to see the most robust cell phone, it is because the internal temperatures of the battery are causing deformations. Having a battery is extremely dangerous and could explode.

Uncharged battery

Something similar happens when the equipment does not load. This may be a problem with the cable or charger, but, if you have already tested these systems with other cell phones, it could indicate an overload in the USB port of the cell phone, which means that it needs an urgent replacement. A lot happens when the equipment falls into the water.

Random reboot

Unfortunately at this point the time of use of the cell phone does not matter, but it can be a factory problem. Many times cell phones arrive with problems since their purchase, so reboots may be an indication that it is a defective unit. If it happens to you, try to assert your warranty (if it is new) or simply take it to a specialist to rule out internal options.

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