Celia Lora Shows off Her Charms When Opening a Leather Jacket Without Modesty

Once again the Mexican playmate, Celia Lora encouraged her fans with all her beauty discovered by exposing herself without modesty and with the garment open

Once again, Celia Lora captures the attention through her social networks after sharing with everyone a fantastic photograph in which she flaunts her spectacular curves, which were the main protagonists.

With this photograph, the beautiful Mexican model defies censorship by opening her jacket and exposing little more of her front charms, which came to light without shame.

It is well known by all that the daughter of rocker Alex Lora is one of the riskiest and daring when it comes to showing off her beauty and this time she did it without any fear, as she exposed everything she has achieved based on tricks of beauty and discipline.

At 37, Celia Lora continues to hold a privileged place in the world of modeling, since she is one of the pioneers in the guild, which is why she has won the crown for the most sought after and favorite.

Her peculiar style and temperamental personality have always positioned her in the eye of the hurricane, as she has unleashed madness with her outgoing style when it comes to expressing herself and giving her opinion.

This time the famous one caught everyone’s attention with the natural look that was undoubtedly the darling of her loyal admirers, surely everyone is observing the image more than once so as not to lose detail of those striking charms that appear to fall in love.

There is no doubt that when it comes to impressing the YouTuber, she does it without fear of anything, she knows what she has and how to take advantage of her divine body that makes her millions of followers restless.   


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