Celia Lora shows her tremendous curves with a spicy photo

Cela Lorathe controversial Mexican model, influencer and presenter raised the temperature through her social networks by sharing a “spicy” publication in which she appeared showing her “charms” to her fans.

Through her official Instagram account, the “Boss” of Acapulco Shore, the famous MTV reality show, shared a photograph in which she appears posing with a top, which highlighted her tremendous curves and made more than one sweat.

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“Come lay beside me, this won’t hurt I swear”, wrote the Mexican playmate in a publication that quickly caught the attention of her followers, as she managed to exceed 74 thousand “likes” and was filled with comments where they rained on her compliments.

Celia, daughter of Alex Lora, vocalist of the Mexican rock band El Tri, continues to remain one of the most important personalities in the world of entertainment, since only on Instagram she has more than 10.2 million followers.

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