Celia Lora hits with a black bikini from the Riviera Maya | PHOTO

While the states whose coasts border the ocean Peaceful they have to deal with Tropical Depression “Celia”because it will cause rains and strong winds, in the riviera Maya everyone enjoys the presence of Celia parrotwho enjoys its paradisiacal natural areas.

Through her Instagram account, the daughter of the Tri leader, Alex parrothas made several publications where he appears enjoying the wonders offered by the state of Quintana Roo, as it is one of the most important tourist spots in the country. Apparently his presence there is due to the work he is doing for his exclusive content like the one he had next to Karely Ruiz.

this time Celia parrot She was seen lying on a cream-colored hammock accompanied by a pillow that looks quite comfortable. She, for her part, put on a flirty black bikini that highlighted her figure, which she takes great care of with exercise and good nutrition.

Celia Lora wasted sensuality from the hammock (Photo: Instagram @celi_lora)

Celia Lora, lover of black bikinis

In the last snapshot of the playmate, she showed all the sensuality that she is capable of wasting, because her gaze is a sweet invitation to go to the paradisiacal place. On the other hand, in the other images that she shared on her social networks, you can see that she used different designs of her bikini of a specific brand. You have to remember that she is also a model.

Celia Lora is a lover of black bikinis (Photo: Instagram @celi_lora)

If the images upset his more than 10 million followers, the messages he placed on each of the photos ended up striking them down: “Lie down next to me, under the perverse sky” and “Tonight I want to give you everything”, there were two of them that speak for themselves.

Celia Lora She is staying at the Anand Ecoaldea eco-hotel whose concept is to merge the comforts of a vacation space with nature. The place is perfect for her, because the mixture of both beauties will be well rewarded by her fans and of course, by those who are subscribed to her onlyfans and official page.

Celia Lora is staying at an eco-hotel (Photo: Instagram @celi_lora)


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