Cecilio Domínguez confesses his reasons for leaving Club América

Friday, August 05, 2022

The footballers who arrive at America club they do it to be differential and cause a real impact on the results, otherwise, they are remembered as true failures in the institution. Proof of this is Diego Valdés who six months ago was the star and is now constantly criticized for his lack of performance. However, something similar happened before Cecilio Dominguezskillful element that came out of Coapa for still unexplained reasons.

It is true that Dominguez it no longer performed as expected, but when it came out of the Americait was said that it was because Michael Herrera and he had problems. Something that was reinforced when the Louse I declare that Cecilia he wanted to return, only for the footballer himself to deny it later. Still, in a recent interview for his return to Santos Lagunathe Paraguayan asserted that he left for other reasons that are not related to the coach.

No, definitely not. There was a lot of talk about it because in the last few games I didn’t play, but it was for other things… Thank God we came out champions and we had a good squad. We were very happy to achieve that goal with America, but things turned out that way and I had to leave

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Cecilio Domínguez against Club America

On September 14, the meeting between the bluecream against the Warriors at the Azteca Stadium, a game where Dominguez will meet the fans Americanist to stand up to the team led by Fernando Ortiz. It is a fact that when former Eagles play against each other, they are more motivated and that could happen with Ceciliaalthough being punctual, it is most likely that he will grow when he plays against the Miguel Herrera’s Tigers.

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