Caught a crocodile in a canal at Buck Lieu.

A crocodile about 1.2 m long and weighing 14 kg, swimming in a canal near a crowded market square, was caught by residents of the town of Phuoklong on the evening of August 29.

Around 8 pm, the crocodile was knocked unconscious by 6 people on three boats, using nets and electric shocks. Then people tied up the animal and brought it to the city administration.

The crocodile in the canal was caught by people.  Photo: Wish Lee

Crocodiles in the canal were caught by people. Image: An Ming

Earlier, on August 27, some people saw crocodiles swimming between the Phung Hiep Canal near the market and the Phuoklong administrative area. Due to the very wide area of ​​the canal and the deep water, fishing is difficult.

Local residents warned people not to approach the place where the crocodile appeared, and at the same time sent a search party to the nearby canals. Phuoklong District used to be the crocodile breeding capital of Bac Lieu Province, where there were once about 1,000 farms. Recently, prices have been volatile, with many households quitting their jobs.

Crocodiles in the rivers and canals are often found in Buck Lieu. In March of this year, residents of Long Thanh commune, Vinh Loi district, saw a crocodile weighing almost 20 kg swimming in the middle of a pond and then caught.

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