Catelyn Botezatu, tips for choosing menswear. What to wear to the office: many mistakes are made | The world is talking

Today in the Vorbeşte Lumea show, Catalin Beteazatu spoke about men’s clothing in the office, the rules that she must follow, as well as the color, texture or material options suitable for the working day.

Catalin Botezatu is one of Romania’s most famous designers and his fashion advice is more than valuable. In today’s show “Vorbeşte lumea”, September 1, 2023, Catalin Botezatu talked about men’s clothing and how they should dress in the office.

According to the designer, at business meetings gentlemen should only wear suits and never casual or smart sportswear.

“No casual, elegant sport, just business. Let’s start with the fact that we have two business proposals. The famous navy blue combined with a striped tie will never be a trendy floral tie. Never. Many mistakes have been made. No accessories.

The only accessory allowed with this outfit is a watch, an engagement ring and, as the case may be, cufflinks.”Catelyn told Botezat.


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