The White House is discussing the supply of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine, the publication claims

According to sources, it was about surface-to-surface missiles in service with the United States. The New York Times claims that the US has so far avoided transferring ATACMS missiles to Ukraine because the US arsenal of these missiles is relatively small. Also, some of these missiles have already been deployed by the United States in … Read more

War in Ukraine: “This is a man with a severed stomach and intestines!” Yevgeny Prigozhin, boss of the Wagner group, has cancer? Two employees are sounding the alarm

War in Ukraineday 504. There Russia launched a seriesdrone attacks on Kyiv and other citiesUkraine On Wednesday, for the second night in a row, air defense systems were activated, the Ukrainian military said. Two people are reported to have been injured. Read also: War in Ukraine: after the “vacation in Russia” did the Wagner group … Read more

NATO welcomes Ukraine in principle, but does not give a timetable. Zelensky unhappy – RFI – Radio France Internationale

NATO welcomes Ukraine in principle, but does not give a timetable Zelensky is dissatisfiedRFI – France Radio International Seven questions you need to know about NATO todayNew York Times Chinese website NATO summit held in LithuaniaSina Zelensky: NATO would be absurd without Ukraine’s membership scheduleRFI – France Radio International Biden’s reluctance to allow Ukraine to … Read more

Minister Fidan and Minister Güler stopped on their way to dinner… Wonderful images in Vilnius! Social media talk about these moments

The summit of NATO leaders, which began yesterday, continues the agenda of Ukraine on the second day. Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and National Defense Minister Yasar Güler are among those accompanying President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the summit. The conversation between Ministers Fidan and Güler with the citizens of Turkey attracted attention. TURKISH CITIZENS SAY … Read more