Android 14 Beta 4 will be released, so the last program before the release: Okezone techno

OPERATIONAL Android system will release their latest Android 14 system. However, before releasing it to the general public, they keep releasing a beta version as a trial version. In Android 14 Beta 4, this build refines and fixes bugs, and is the second “stable platform” release of Android 14, which means that all developer APIs … Read more

What is the difference between laptop and notebook

Nowadays laptop and laptop are two types of portable devices which, together with smartphones, tablets and other devices of the same type, have become indispensable work tools for most of us in our daily activities both for personal interests and at work. As the evolution of our day-to-day technologies is happening faster than ever before, … Read more

Netflix allows users to transfer profiles to other accounts without a subscription!

JAKARTA. Netflix is ​​finally easing the restriction on the profile transfer feature for new and existing accounts. Previously, this feature could only be used when a new subscription account was created. “As of today, the profile transfer feature has been updated to allow transfer to existing accounts (instead of requiring a new account),” reads the … Read more

Frame Arms Girl: Experience the dream stadium

Frame Arms Girl: Dream Stadium (hereinafter referred to as F Am Girl) is a rogue-lite role-playing game developed by Road Complete and maintained by Line Next. Both developers and publishers should be familiar with web2 gamers. RoadComplete is a domestic developer that has gained a lot of recognition overseas for servicing Legends of Slime since … Read more