(Wait Science) Tickling laughing rats have discovered a brain region that controls laughter : Dong-A Science

When the research team touched the rat’s abdomen, the rat tickled and emitted an ultrasonic “squeak”. Courtesy of Michael Brecht In the photo, the rat tickles and smiles. while emitting ultrasonic sounds so strong that people cannot hear them. In July, Professor Michael Brecht’s team at the Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany) measured brain activity … Read more

Sony’s most advanced APS-C mirrorless camera, the A6700, arrives in Indonesia

Built for hybrid photo and video processing, the Sony A6700 can record 10-bit 4K/60p 6K video with 4:2:2 oversampling. Introduced worldwide last July, Sony has finally officially unveiled the camera. mirrorless Newest APS-C for Indonesia, A6700. From the name it is clear that this is the older model of the A6000 series, which replaced the … Read more

Important announcement from EGO! Attention of users of this line: The route has changed!

The EGO General Directorate has made an important announcement for the people of Ankara. EGO, Hospital 211-2 Metro Çamlıca – Bilim University made an important announcement to the citizens using this line. from EGO The announcement states that the route of the metro line Hospital 211-2-Chamlyja Mahallesi – Bilim University has been changed at the … Read more

Humanity almost disappeared 900,000 years ago?

Two eras, two diametrically opposed problems. If humanity today raised the issue of overpopulation from the height of its 8 billion representatives, our very distant grandparents would see their extinction very close, as an ordinary endangered species. About 900,000 years ago, the number of ancestors of Homo sapiens suddenly dropped from 100,000 individuals to just … Read more

Lit | The laser lawn mower was born

If mowing the lawn is problematic for you, then do not switch to a laser lawn mower just yet. 09/07/2022 – Strange as it may seem, what we used to see only in the movies is now a reality in many cases. Of course, not all. We used to think we were now cutting grilled … Read more